Basic Information

Donut is the younger brother of Beigul Taikone and is Ceruleanboxes's second UTAU. He is absent-minded and klutzy. He dances stiffly, forgets the words to songs, and does things slower than the others. He is oblivious to the fact that Matoko Laikopin has a huge crush on him, even though it is painfully obvious.

Age: 246 years old Race: Half Human,half centaur. Often called a "Quarter horse." Doesn't get it.
Height: 5'11 Weight: Healthy
Voiced by: Ceruleanboxes, doing a lower pitch Can be found at:

Ceruleanboxes's Youtube channel

Ceruleanboxes's Deviantart page

Likes: Shinies, games, distracting things, being included in stuff, jungle-gyms he's too big for. Dislikes: Confusing things, equations, huge words.

Beigul Taikone: Older sister

Matoko Laikopin: Has a huge crush on him. Source of amusement.

Character item: Carrot.

General Appearance

Hair: Green, darker than Beigul's, slightly less shiny. Has a horse tail on his waist.

Eyes: Golden-yellow.

Clothes: Jacket, mint green and white. Pants, white with a belt. Belt has gold buckle and gold chains. Black shoes with mint green stripe things. Dark green tie, floats around, possessed by the spirit of his grandfather, who was the original owner.

Headgear: Super long ears.