Dodger Akame.png

(Japanese: 赤目ドッジャー Dodger Akame)

赤目 (Akame) : Red Eyes

AGE 35 GENRE Everything is okay HOMEPAGE Youtube
WEIGHT 60 kg CHARACTER ITEM Bowser goodies CREATOR Dodger Akame
BIRTHDAY 2nd January LIKES Pasta, salty food MEDIA LIST Youtube
RELEASE DATE 14th June 2014 DISLIKES Caramel, gingerbread SIGNATURE SONG Karakuri Pierrot

Dodger is a French wolf who now lives in Japan. He's a singer since he's 18, and has been acting like an idol would do. He's very friendly and has a very happy humor everyday. He's always trying to be fun usually, but know when he should stop and being serious. He's bisexual, single, and has a crush on Bowser Koopa. He's aware that people can think he's a woman, and makes fun of that by acting cute or crossdressing. But usually, he wears casual clothes for men. He's a huge fan of Hello!Project and Perfume, and would be extremely happy to sing their song and dance on them. His voice is really high for someone on his 30's, and his dance skills are really develloped thanks to his career.

Supplemental Info :

Hair : He is blonde, with red bangs. He sometimes alternates his shortcut with a ponytail.

Eye color : He has red eyes.

Muzzle : Even if in some pics, his muzzle is white, please notice that his muzzle is normally grey.

Body : He's a little slim, under average.

Clothes : Red T-shirt with black jackets, black shorts with red stripes.

Nationality : He's French, and say even some phrases in French in his voicebank.

Languages : French, English, Spanish, Japanese


  • Dodger has mostly a high voice when he sings, and he trained his voice for it to be the more cute possible. His creator recommand you using the flag g-5Y0F100C50L10 for songs with high melody. For a more mature Dodger, just take out the g or replace the g-5 by g+1 maximum. But these are only recommandations.
  • Dodger spent a half of his life acting like a mature idol, which means that he can be cute without being childish and still act innocently. Please keep that in mind if you use him, the result would be cuter than a normal voice. If you wonder how he should act, try to search the group Perfume on Youtube and watch videos of the three girls. Dodger is exactly like them.
  • If you use him, the creator Dodger ask you to warn him. Because hey, he's curious to see how did you use him, if you made him cool, cute or even both! Dodger thank you for understanding that.


The first release of Dodger's voicebank is a beta, Dodger prefer to call it a beta because the audio waves aren't optimal, there's some noises, but the creator prefered focusing first on the oto.ini .

Two voicebanks are planned for sure, it'll be English and French voicebanks. Some updates are also planned in the future.

In September 2014, Dodger worked on a version 1.0 VCV of Dodger Akame, and he planned also some appends, especially a DARK Append for talking parts.


Dodger is okay with any type of covers.



Karakuri Pierrot by Dodger Akame

Model Miku Miku Dance

A model MMD made by PolygonCount made his first appearance in October 2014 in Dodger's cover of Kocchi Muite Baby.



Kocchi Muite Baby

Some MVs are planned since then, and will be posted on the usual Youtube channel.

Roleplay, Artworks, etc.

Dodger requests that people don't use Dodger as a character for Roleplay without permission. Dodger is okay with fanfics and artworks, however for mature and adult content, he requests that you contact him via DeviantArt or FurAffinity to discuss about your idea. Genderbend and pitchbends aren't allowed.

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Artwork by Rego

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