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MMD And Utau Canterella Tesune Rizu x Desho Hiruni

MMD And Utau Canterella Tesune Rizu x Desho Hiruni

Peace and love base by aqua999-d4df8d3

desho x rizu :)

Japanese Name:Edit

First Name:Desho

Last Name:Haruni

TYPE: Cheetahloid

Desho is a custom made Utauloid



Utshi Utskii- Best Friend

Tesune Rizu- Girl Friend

Aki Atari- Friend

Michi Yuko-Friend

Desha Hiruni- Female Counterpart

Okami Koinu- Friend

Supaka Hanashi- Friend

Tengoku Hyo- Mother Of Girlfriend

Kimyona Hikari- Sister- In-Law Of GirlFriend

Koi Machi- Best Friend

Tasha Hari-Best Friends Mom

AGE: 13 years


WEIGHT: 110 lb


CREATOR: MikuMikuCheetah

VOICED BY: Wesley Green

HEIGHT: 5.8 ft

BIRTHDAY: July 1st

LIKES: Singing, Dancing, Swimming, Destroying Things, Being Weird :D

DISLIKES: People Who Get In Your Buisness

RELEASE DATE: July 5, 2013

SIGNATURE SONG: (Temporary) Cantarella

PERSONALITY: Desho is a laidback and chill person who likes to have fun. Also he likes to explore and find new things in the world. He also is very creative and fun to be around, he loves to joke around and tease people for fun. He becomes a pure demon when he is really mad.

Plese go to this youtube channel to veiw videos by Desho Haruni:

Supplemental InformationEdit

Hair color: Green

Eye color: Red

Clothing: Wears a vest and no shirt, and he wears nice jeans and has HUGE fire and ice wings. He wears a black hat on his head and sneakers.

Hair Style: Green Hair That Falls Down To His Chin And Slight Bangs That Hang Above His Eyes

Nationality/Race: A Human And A Demon

CatchPhrase: I Devour Your Souls

Favorite Phrase: Layback And Be Evil-Fun

Fun factsEdit

Likes To Sing Creepy Songs

Desho Is A Demon Of Course

He Hates People Who Get In His Way

Loves To Eat Food

Loves To Have Fun And Party

Usage ClauseEdit

You CAN edit him BUT only to fix his physics(MMD model) You CAN'T redistributte

You CAN'T claim as your own

You CAN make another model WITH MY PERMISSION

You CAN make art of Desho Hiruni

You CAN have fun with Desho Hiruni

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