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Deofairy:NOL(消臭妖精ノール)[デオフェアリー・ノール]) is one of the Windows 100% UTAUs. She comes with "UTAU Perfect Master".


  • Deo: A reference to deodorant.


Deofairy:NOL's character was created by Kalmor Co. Ltd, a company that sells cleaning products.


Height: 65mm

Weight: About 50g

Physical Traits: Small chest, left-handed

Favorite Things: Cats and sake

Dislikes: Insects. Especially with six legs. And the smell of solvents.

Personality: She is energetic and innocent, confident and strong-willed. However, she is a bit of a screw-up. She often fumbles around while trying to hide her screw-ups.

Product Information

Deofairy:NOL has a free voicebank distributed on her official website. Her voicce provider is confidential. The version of her included in the Windows100% Magazine contains a Regular VCV, Soft CV, and Vivid CV. The information below applies to the free voicebank.

Product Information
  Range: E3-C5
  Input: Kana Encoded and Kana Aliased  Vowels: CV  System: Microsoft Windows
Package details as noted:

This Voicebank is Monopitch (C4)

Downloads as noted:


Additional Information

  • Can be bought with the Windows 100% UTAU Perfect Master Magazine
  • Some CDs with Nol's voicebanks on them were distributed at Comiket 2012
  • Kalmor Co. sells air freshener with her image on it.[1]


External Links

  • https://onlineshop.kalmor.jp/item/NOL-0103-245/
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