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Supplemental Information

Hair color/style: Dark blue, medium curly hair with a wild strand

Eye color: Purple (Dark orchid, to be precise)

Headphones: Beige full-size headphone w/ microphone, w/ white patterns resembling tuning fork

Catch phrase: でも.... (but...)

Outfit: Short black suit jacket, purple/black/white halter dress (w/ lower part plaited, resembling midi keyboard), thigh-high black stockings and short beige high-heeled boots.

Nationality/Race: Chinese/American

Vocal Style

Demo Shisakune excels in a wide range of vocal styles, being the first Chinese UTAU to have a operatic bank and a growl bank. Available voice type include: Solid (strong and rocky), Soft (breathy, soft), Smooth (gentle, womanly), Opera (operatic) and Death (growl). Solid and Smooth are also available in VCV Japanese and CVVChinese. Except the first two installment and Death, all of Demo's voicebanks are multi-pitched.

Demo Shisakune can sing profusely in Japanese and Chinese.

Terms and Conditions

Demo Shisakune is a part of UTAU Chinese Group (JPN), and adhere to its common terms.


All of Demo's voicebanks can be found here.