Dango Amai (甘い団子) is a voicebank for the UTAU program. Her voice is designed to sound young, feminine, and shy.



Usage Policy

  • R18+/Pornographic content is prohibited.
  • Graphic/violent content is allowed.
  • Do not use Dango Amai for propaganda/political pieces.
MACARON (Dango Demo 1)

MACARON (Dango Demo 1).0)


  • Dango's named and themed around the Japanese mochi treat of the same name, specifically the "Sakura" variant often made and consumed during the summer at festivals.
  • Papa Amai, Dango's father, currently has his own voicebank underdevelopment.
  • She is Iza Nemuichi’s cousin, but she sees them as more of an older sibling.
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