(Japanese: ダン ソウェイ - Dan Sowei)

Dan is a russian name
Soviy it's like a russian surname...

TYPE: HERALOID - (Hera comes from the author's surname..)
MODEL: RY-01 (isn't tattooed anywhere)
GENDER Male VOICE RANGE A#2-C5 (But he works well from A#2 to C4) RELATED CHARACTERS

Riiko Soviy (Sister)

Arianna Leone

(Friend/ Idol)

Lunet Nichiion

(Best Friend)

Sol Nichiion




Sou 'Sound' Katari

(Girl Friend)



(75 kg)

CHARACTER ITEM Notebook CREATOR MoonHe (aka Drew Riuke)
HEIGHT 6'1" feet (185 cm) VOICE SOURCE MoonHe (aka Drew Riuke) PICTURE LINK LIST deviantART,Facebook,Blog
BIRTHDAY Feb. 1st (It's when his author was born.) LIKES Ukranian Food, Nubi Piovane, Sou Katari, His Sister, Rain, Snow, Cloudy Days, His Laptop MEDIA LIST

Youtube1, Youtube2,SoundCloud1,SoundCloud2


November 13, 2011

DISLIKES Sunny Days, Sol Nichiion, House Music, Viruses, Peoples that talk a lot. SIGNATURE SONG Pianissimo

, Mosaic Role, Circus Monster

PERSONALITY: Dan is mostly an apathetic person (He hates show his emotions) . He likes stay alone or with his Sister, but if he becomes angry or something/someone hurt he.....For the Victim is better run away...

He Loves provoke peoples and fight with them...But inside he's gentle and sweet...but only with his sister and his Girlfriend.

Dan is a Black Angel, He can control rain, snow and ice when he's friendly, but if he become angry he summons the powers of fire and changes his appearance completely.

Dan & Riiko are connected to each other...So Dan can use Riiko's Powers (never) and Riiko can use Dan's Powers (always).

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Lightblue
Earphones: No.
Dress/Outfit: Black, Gray and Purple..Art Design
Nationality/Race: Ukranian
Quote: “Are you ready to die?”

Voice Configuration

The current release is version 1.0.

Download V. 1.0

The released version is romaji encoded with hiragana aliases.

Plus: La, le, li, lo, lu - Va. ve, vi, vo, vu and More,,,

Tone: Dan's Voice is Soft....so it's works better with TIPS and BKH...But he sounds good also with Resampler.dll


I have some projects:

  • Italian & Russian Voice Bank
  • VCV Voice Bank
  • Appends: High/Power Append & Dark Append

Usage Clause

Dan’s voicebank is available free of charge under the following conditions

  1. You comply with UTAU Usage Policy.
  2. Commercial usage without prior permission is forbidden
  3. Redistribution of the voicebank is allowed in case the official distribution link is down. Custom oto.inis can be shared and redistributed with no restrictions
  4. Religious expression is allowed as long as the product doesn’t contain offense to other faiths (which should be already included in 1, anyway)
  5. Political expression is forbidden
  6. Sexual expression is allowed up to a point: explicit sexual content is forbidden, innuendos or slightly risque lyrics are ok. If in doubt, ask the author for permission
  7. Violence is discouraged.
  8. You are allowed to depict the character of Dan in fanart, as long as it doesn’t contain explicit sexual content (hentai), political views, or anything offensive.
  9. Remember to Credit this UTAU to MoonHe and Heraloids Project.
  10. Read the TERMS OF USE Inside the Voicebank zip.

Additional Notes

If you ever upload something with His on YouTube, PLEASE use the tag "DanSoviy" or "Heraloids". Thanks.

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