Daisy Hapyon

Daisy = In honour of Daisy Bell


Official Art by SwaNami

Hapyon = Probably from Happy Synthesizer 

Daisy’s profile

Name: Daisy Hapyon (ハピ音デイジー – はぴおん・でいじー) Age: 16 Gender: Female

Nationality: Italian Height: 168cm Weight: 59kg

Things she loves: Everything VOCALOID/UTAU/synthesizer related. Things she hates:  Being scolded by Paffugo (her little angel-winged strawberry, her companion and mascot).

Daisy can be depicted as a cheerful and light hearted girl who sometimes is too naive. She really loves every vocal synthesizer on Earth and she does her best to share news about her beloved synthesizers with as many people as possible. Inspired by her favourite VOCALOID’s success, Daisy started practicing to be a good singer, and she manages a synthesizers fanclub in her spare time. She’s a friendly and easy-going girl and she calls everyone her friend (and master, if they use her on UTAU)

About Daisy

At the moment, Daisy is a Japanese UTAU voicebank as well as a mascot for both Happy Synthesizer and VNN. Daisy will act as the face of VNN’s Italian version!

Daisy has three official illustrations: two by Azumibird and two by VNN’s artist Swanami. All are free to use with credit alongside any content featuring Daisy and are included in her download.

As for Daisy herself, she has a page dedicated to her here ( . You can find all the information on Daisy there as well as download links and demos and the terms of use.

Demo Videos

Cover of A Lie And A Stuffed Animal:

Cover of Reversible Campaign:

Cover of Yellow (VCV):

Voice Configuration

Daisy Hapyon is available in both CV and VCV.

You can download her voicebanks here:

As you may have guessed, Daisy is a free to use UTAU voicebank! Dorellymimi made her to be very beginner friendly. So even if you’re just starting out, Daisy is easily accessible to you!

Usage Rules

As you could expect, Daisy comes with some rules:

  1. Daisy Hapyon belongs to VNN and Happy Synthesizer, do not claim parts of her voicebank and/or design as yours.
  2. Do not pitch or edit her voicebank and redistribute it.
  3. Do not use Daisy for commercial purpose without permission from Happy Synthesizer and VNN.
  4. Don’t claim her voicebank or design to be some other UTAU other than hers.

If you follow these simple rules, you can just go ahead and use her! You don’t want Paffugo to scold you too, right?

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