(Japanese: 終了音大地 - Shūryōne Daichi)

終了(Shūryō) - End ,Termination ,Close

大地(Daichi) - Earth, Solid Earth , Ground

音(Ne) - Sound

TYPE: Endloid

MODEL: 2112 - Stands for 21.12.2012, the "End of the World"

GENDER Cyborg(At Human Standards Male) VOICE RANGE F#3 - E5 (Best at C4 - C5) RELATED CHARACTERS Hello (Idol)



Pop,Techno,Electronica HOMEPAGE N/A
WEIGHT 41.88 lbs (19 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Black Hole (>:3) CREATOR


HEIGHT / MEASUREMENTS 1.00m VOICE SOURCE Deathnote1069 aka Deathnote1091(Natural Voice) PICTURE LINK LIST
BIRTHDAY 21.12.xx LIKES Hello,Singing,Meteor MEDIA LIST Youtube
RELEASE DATE June 12, 2012 DISLIKES Doesn't know yet... SIGNATURE SONGS None (yet...).
PERSONALITY:Daichi is a Cyborg Project formaly used on an Alien Ship to Destroy Planets, but fell out into Space.It eventually landed on Earth. Losing its former Memory, he rather likes to sing than to destroy Planets.

Supplemental InformationEdit

Hair color: Usually Gray
Headgear: Lime Green Headphones
Eye color: Dark Gray
Earphones: Lime Green Headphones
Clothes: Blue or Green T-Shirt , Gray or Blue Pants, Black Shoes with Green Laces and Black Aglet.
Nationality/Race: Cyborg

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Act 1 can be downloaded ------>Here

If you want the old one, you can download it here ---> Here

(Voice Bank in Pre-Act 0 very limited ; can only sing the basic 48 Hiranga syllabies and can't sing long tones .)