Dagashi Kēki is a work in progress UTAU created by PastelChib (or AnnabellePastel).



She originally went by the name Gummi-Chan, and was an idea for a character by her creator. her shirt was almost the same, and she had lollipop hair buns.



She is meant to be a kind person, but sometimes, people are ignored because she's eating candy. she's English, and has been studying japan and it's language for a long time. her dream is to go there. she is a humanoid version of a species by the creator.

  • Item - Lollipop
  • Likes - Friends, Cake, and games
  • Dislikes - bullies, salty things


  • Dagashi (駄菓子) The word dagashi is derived from the Japanese words da ("futile" or "negligible") and kashi (snacks). The low price and fun packaging is designed to attract children with small allowances, and dagashi came to be known as the small candies that children can afford with pocket money.
  • Kēki (ケーキ) Cake


  • Hair Color: Blue and Pink Buns.
  • Microphone: she has a built in mic on her hand, a lollipop one.
  • Eye Color: Pink And Blue.
  • Outfit: Purple shirt that says i❤🍬, with the gummy bear as an I. she has a pink skirt with a heart on it, and frilly socks with bunny slippers, which currently aren't visible in her current image.


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Dagashi's MMD Model, available for download on the creator's deviantart.

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