DJ Husky
Dancing Furyw

Mr.Husky :3

Other names
  • Husky
  • Danney-Jun
Gender Male
Model # Furloid 02 ( As in his installment) FH-19 (as of his age)
Age 19
Optimum genre Anything
Optimum Tempo 85~175BPM
Optimum Range F # 2 ~ C # 5 (Lowest in Instalment at C4)
Character Items

brown Scarf,Polearm,....

Related Characters

Tokuma Kyoushiro, Tokuma Kyoko, Minakami Ryuu, Minakami Rishi,....

DJ Husky is the older Brother to Tokuma Kyoushiro. He is the second one made by Kitsunehoshi. He also happens to be the lowestsounding UTAU. Even thou his voice is at a C4. All UTAU made by Kitsune started out as Rp characters and still are. A friend wanted to know what the sounded like and thus they have UTAU voices. In their free time they sing. Art can be found on FA and DA, links are on Kyoushiro's page.


Husky is a kind soul who would do anything to make others around him happy. He has a tendency to get lost in one action of good helping someone. That it might affect him in his long run. He is what you would call a goody to shoes but he is not that at all. He likes to spar lone as he does not want to hurt people. The way that he is kind to be a way to be taken advantage of. If he finds out that someone hurt a friend or loved-one then he will then switch gears and become serious and hurtful.

Supplement Info:

Height: 6'2" Hair color: Blue and Pink Clothes: Brown coat and scarf ( Loves to be in the snow) Mostly winter gear. HeadGear: Depends, Likes: Snow, Polearms, People. Dislikes: Haters, being told he does not help people. hot places. Nationality: Husky/Rabbit.

Acts: Currently he has only on Act in use.

Acts to be planned: Priest append: Supposed to be soft and lovely (80% recorded)

Hagane append (Metal and scratchy sounding)



act 1: song list: Dancing Furry SPiCE

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