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(Japanese: ディーナ)
AGE 18 GENRE Any HOMEPAGE Official website
WEIGHT N/A CHARACTER ITEM Yellow iPod Nano CREATOR VaporwaveToons2002
BIRTHDAY December 9, 2002 LIKES Thunderstorms, video games, electronic music, shōnen manga, McDonald's Happy Meal, memes, Hi-C, causing trouble, arcades, teasing people, roller skating MEDIA LIST YOUTUBE
RELEASE DATE December 9, 2018 DISLIKES Being called short, being told what to do, Burger King, waiting, losing, girly things, being mistakenly to be a boy, cold showers, TV dinner, boredness SIGNATURE SONG None
PERSONALITY: Tomboyish, mischievous, childish, impatient


Supplemental Information

  • Hair color: Black and yellow
  • Eye color: Yellow
  • Outfit: Look at the concept art
  • Other: Black lightning bolts on her cheeks
  • Nationality/Race: Japanese/American


  • MAGGIE - girlfriend, best friend, but frenemy
  • Mani Mackune - long lost friend, doesn't even remember her
  • Blade OX - likes to tease him a lot



DEENA was born on December 9, 2002 in Osaka, Japan. She was born with cleft palate/slit mouth. 3 years later, her family moved to Los Angeles, California, U.S..

At the age of 5, her parents discover that DEENA has sharp teeth instead of real human teeth, which they made her wear mask whenever she goes to school. During school, a curious little boy saws DEENA wearing a mask while walking to her classroom. The boy runs up to her and snatches her mask away. He suddenly notices that DEENA has sharp teeth and a slit mouth. At first, the little boy was really shocked, but then, he started laughing and makes fun of DEENA while calling her a "freak". DEENA is really outraged, so she begins to attack the little boy. She starts tearing up the boy's body with her sharp teeth and then eats the boy's human meat. A few hours later, DEENA got sent home early and gets expelled from school. Her parents think that DEENA is a cannibal and worry that she might eat people's meats, so they decided to keep DEENA in homeschool.

Weeks later, DEENA and her dad decided to go to the park. DEENA is playing on the swing when she spotted a girl with green and black hair getting bullied by the 8th grade boys after they take her Garfield plush. DEENA was really shocked and proceed to attack the bullies. After violently attacking the bullies, she gives the plush back to the girl. The girl was surprised that she has never seen someone attack like this before. So, DEENA and the girl named MAGGIE became friends, then later became best friends.

At the age of 10, DEENA has finally got her cleft palate remove and proceed to go back to school again. During recess, DEENA and MAGGIE like to hang out at the picnic table and play Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game. Their relationship is growing.

Years later, after discovering the homosexuality, DEENA confess that she wants to come out of the closet, but she's worried that her parents might get upset about it. Somehow, her parents don't know about the LGBT pride. So she decided to keep that to herself until further notice. By the time when DEENA is 13, during dinner time, she tells her parents that she is coming out of the closet. Her parents thought that she was joking, but things get worse when she tells them that she's coming out as a lesbian. Shocking and outrage, her parents kick her out of the house and tells her that she is no longer welcome in their house. Although, DEENA wasn't upset about it, she decided to live with MAGGIE for now.

When DEENA and MAGGIE both turn 18, they left their house and move to an apartment. And they lived happily ever after.


  • Her original name was "Ocha Hikari".
    • She was a former member of TRIOloids.
  • She and MAGGIE work at Hot Topic.
  • She has a huge collection of McDonald's Happy Meal toys.
  • DEENA likes to run around outside during the storm.
  • DEENA's favorite shōnen manga is Dragon Ball.
  • DEENA will get really irritated if someone uses the male pronouns (he/him/his).
  • DEENA's favorite Hi-C flavor is Orange Lavaburst.
  • She likes to drink hot sauce out of the bottle.
  • She likes to make some adult jokes.
  • DEENA twitches a lot whenever she gets nervous.
  • She doesn't know how to cook, so she just gets food from any fast food restaurant instead.
  • When playing video games, DEENA will get a rage quit and sometimes she'll break her game consoles, especially her headset.
  • She almost got arrested for burning down Burger King.
  • DEENA has been living with MAGGIE for 6 years, ever since her parents kick her out of the house.
  • DEENA has sharp teeth (they're real, btw).
  • DEENA really has a huge appetite, and she'll eat everything up, especially those leftovers.
  • Due to having sharp fingernails, DEENA will sometimes scratch someone in the face, although it was just an accident.
  • DEENA doesn't know about Pokémon species, except for Pikachu, cause she knows about it.
  • She likes to cause some trouble.

Voice Configuration

DEENA will only have a CV voicebanks. No VCV, CVVC, or VCCV voicebanks have been planned yet.

Usage Clause

  • You must credit "VaporwaveToons2002" or "VT2002" for the voicebank that you use.
  • Making R-18 songs are allowed.
  • Do not claim this voicebank as yours.
  • You do not have permission to RP (roleplay) DEENA.
  • Do not edit this voicebank, but you can edit the oto.ini.
  • Do not pitch this voicebank, or make DEENA as a Pitchloid.
  • Do not use DEENA as a hate speech.
  • Making original songs are allowed.