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Bio:This source is free to use, but the copyright is still owned by the author.

Be sure to specify the use of "Cutly Lee" in the name.

You are free to use "Cutly Lee" to produce and publish works.

The responsibility for public works will be borne by yourself.

In principle, there is no need to report on usage.

If you would like to inform the producer, we will be happy to appreciate your work.

However, if you are going to use it for commercial purposes, be sure to discuss with the creator by MoonLight before use.

If you are prepared to publish your work in the name of an individual or a community in the name of an individual or a community, please make sure to contact the creator in advance, whether or not you are using the source, the official picture.

Please use it within the limits permitted by law and social morality.

It is forbidden to use this source for political and religious purposes.

It is forbidden to use this source for bloody violent metamorphosis or content creation.

Prohibit the secondary release of this source. Do not declare this source for your original.

You can use your own noise reduction or modify the original sound settings, but it is forbidden to publish any modified original sound settings.

Please contact the manufacturer if there is a failure.

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