Some groups may develop and release UTAUloids under one package branding, involving a small circle of people or a whole community such as those from message boards. PSS (Project Sing Song) and SRSloids are the most well-known examples of these.

Auloids LLC UTAU Productions

We have stopped productions for Auloids LLC UTAU Productions we are no longer together we have split our connections although the utaus by McNeill are being updated and continuing to be produced. As for others it is unknown whether or not they will be continued sorry!


Produced in



Voice sampled

Release date

Himeno Koe Kansas USA and Hokkaido Japan Female Japanese Himeno Azu Nov. 17, 2013
Uchikudaku Monsuta Kansas Male Japanese McNeill Exclusive
N-KUN Kansas Male Japanese McNeill March 30, 2015


A series that consists of currently 4 WiP UTAUloids. The name "Toasterloid" comes from the creator's preferred internet alias of DerpingToaster. As of now, there are 2 Japanese males, one Japanese female, and one German female. All of the Toasterloids are planned to support Japanese, English, and German. Other languages may or may not be added. DerpingToaster also has 1 other UTAU, but she is not part of the Toasterloids Project. This is DEsUNE KAWAiiLoid.

Planned Toasterloids
UTAU Model Gender Language Voice sampled Release date
Saishone Lia TL-01 Female Japanese, English, German (planned) Yunikōn-P/DerpingToaster N/A
Tateru Tsukuru TL-02 Male Japanese, English, German (planned) Yunikōn-P/DerpingToaster N/A
SP-X92 TL-03 Male Japanese, English, German (planned) Yunikōn-P/DerpingToaster N/A
UTE TL-04 Female German, English, Japanese (planned) Yunikōn-P/DerpingToaster N/A



NOTE: All of the banks recived new names and arts. The Wiki pages on UTAU wiki will be updated every time they are released.

The Project was started as a summer project and now it expands up to 5 UTAUs. Future UTAUs are expected but now we are focusing on updating all the Japanese banks, adding English banks and Appends. Languages as Romanian and French are considered.

RV's that are in the Project
UTAU Model Gender Language Voice sampled Banks in the pack Release date Status
Wakaine Matt RV01_JPN_ENG_CVVC Male English-Japanese Mateidobrescu Wakaine Matt Clasic, Wakaine Matt English December 1, 2013 Released
Wakaine Matt Append RV01_App_JPN_CVVC Male Japanese Mateidobrescu Sweet,Dark,Strong,Whisper March 1, 2014 Adjustments
Wakaine Matt Romanian RV01_RO_CVVC Male Romanian Mateidobrescu Wakaine Matt Romanian Mid-2014/Winter 2014 Recordings
RV 03 Erik RV03_JPN_ENG_CVVC Male Japanese-English Mister ESeijuku Shitane Erik Clasic, Seijuku Shitane Erik English, February 28, 2014 Adjustments
Shizen-on AlexRV04_JPN_CVVC Male Japanese Unrevealed Shizen-on Alex Clasic 2014 Recordings
RV05_femRV05_JPN_SPA_CVVC Female Japanese-Spanish Unrevealed RV05_fem_JPN, RV05_fem_SPA 2014 Recordings

The SIte
The Wiki


A series of UTAUloids whose names and personalities are taken from the names of the seven sins. They are produced by Illisandria Carthain and voiced by her sister and herself.

Current 7loids
UTAU Model Gender Language Voice sampled Release date
Nair Harmonia A#-73 Female Japanese (English compatability) Illisandria Carthain

September 02, 2011 (CV)

December 4, 2013 (CV2.1)

Nair Harmonia CHOIR A#-73C Female Japanese (English compatability) Illisandria Carthain December 4, 2013
Nair Harmonia FALLEN A#-73F Female Japanese (English compatability) Illisandria Carthain December 4, 2013
Rael Taberusyn A*-76 Male Japanese Illisandria Carthain

December 8, 2011 (CV)

December 4, 2013 (VCV+CV)

Rafe Taberusyn A*-76A Male Japanese (English compatability); English Illisandria Carthain WIP (VCV)


Ase Roni ΘΣ-75 Genderqueer) English Illisandria Carthain soon (core)


rAncrOw HS-79 Male Japanese Illisandria Carthain

July 2, 2013 (CV)

Redd Cylix <>XI-74 Male Japanese (English compatability) Illisandria Carthain

July 2, 2013 (CV)

N/A (CV2.2)

Δelta Δ-71 Female Japanese Illisandria Carthain

N/A (VCV Multipitch)

Proposed 7loids


Model Gender Language Voice sampled Release date
Munair Harmonia ??-78 Female Japanese (English Compatability) Raxi N/A (CV Multipitch)
External link
  • The 7loid website can be found here.

BASTARDloid Project


A group of UTAUloids created by the Spanish producer and dubber group Lazy Bastards. At the moment, they have released several voice banks and have some in development stage.

UTAU Model Gender Language Voice sampled Release date
Arura N/A Female Japanese Laura Megurine June 2, 2011
Anne Karakuri N/A Automaton, thinks about herself as a female Japanese Rose Bleue November 2011(TBA)
Haru Shonta 00 version Male Japanese, Spanish, English and Greek, Latin, French(Act 2) Haru2894 February 1, 2010
Kenbara Aki None Male Japanese Kenbi October 14, 2010
Nathara Moguri None Male Spanish, English and Japanese Yuki2894 July 16, 2010
Michael TBA → Currently in development

Crystalic UTAUs

Crystalic Utaus is a line of UTAUs that originated by a group of friends deciding to make their own UTAUs. The Crystalic UTAUs are divided into 'Original Family', which includes the released Mai Furuutone and Senmatsu, and the 'Crystalic Minerals' which are UTAUs based off minerals and crystals. Due to the jump in number of voicebanks appearing for both Crystalic Minerals and Original Family, the former Crystalic UTAU website is being revamped in order to suit all the profiles it will contain. The CrystalicUTAU blog hosts all updates regarding CrystalicUTAU. Voicebank links will only be available through CrystalicUTAU profiles.

CrystalicUTAU released
UTAU Model Gender Language Voice sampled Release date
Mai Furuutone None Female Japanese N/A →
Senmatsu None Male Japanese N/A →
Original WIPs
UTAU Model Gender Language Voice sampled Release date
Hayate Sankakukaine N/A → Male
Kiyoshi Sankakukaine N/A → Male
Masaru Furuutone N/A → Male
Kamen's brother N/A → Male currently being redesigned
Kamen Yami N/A → Female
Yukii Taikone(?) N/A → Female
Miyuki Hatone(?) N/A → Female
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Series of Chilean UTAUloids created by Nekoh/sg, Joji and Kuro-Lady. There are 4 UTAUloids currently released.

UTAU Model Gender Language Voice sampled Release date
Neko Kodoku π Female Japanese, Spanish Nekoh/sg February 20th, 2010
Elemento Ilabaca 01 Male Japanese, Spanish Joji February 4th, 2012
Rito-San N/A→ Male Japanese, Spanish Sanrrone April 29th, 2012
Sami Song N/A→ FemaleJapanese, Spanish Kuro-Lady N/A
Uta la Weá N/A→ Female N/A→ poli0807 N/A
Charlotte N/A→ Female Japanese, Spanish ??? N/A
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CYANoid is a group of UTAUloids whose main colour is cyan. The CYANoid are all created by JoouChiyanmon. The group is established on 1st of June 2012 but the characters were created before the group. Currently there are two CYANoids with downloadable voicebanks and one working in progress CYANoid. The CYANoid group is opened to all cyan-coloured UTAUloids. Any interested cyan-coloured UTAUloid may contact JoouChiyanmon using the links provided at the end of this section.

UTAU Model Gender Language Voice sampled Release date
Jen Genne none FemaleJapanese, Chinese, Malay, English...etc 千縁 (Chien) May 15th, 2010
Zen Yamaine none Male Japanese, Chinese, Malay, English...etc 千縁 (Chien) September 15th, 2010
Joey Okozaru none Physically female; biolodically hermaphrodite Japanese, Chinese, Malay, English...etc 千縁 (Chien) N/A
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The DeathLoids are a series of 6 UTAU, all of which are death gods. So far, only one has been released, and the rest are all in the recording phase. The DeathLoids are all created by RyokoUeda, with voices provided by both RyokoUeda and OdooriKimura.

UTAU Model Gender Language Character Type Voice sampled Release date
Haruka Suzume D-001 Female Japanese Cute, Perky, Easily startled, Gambling Addict RyokoUeda February 11th, 2010
Hatori Suzume D-002 Male Japanese Military, Protective, Likes motorcycles, Has a bit of a drinking problem RyokoUeda N/A
Chiyo Shinkichi D-003 Female Japanese Punk, Self-centerd, Likes baking, Has a bad habit of being a fangirl at times, and irrationally hating others OdooriKimura N/A
Toshirou Yamasu D-004 MaleJapanese Normal with some edge, Nervous, A bit socially-awkward, Currently studying medicine OdooriKimura N/A
Shoubi Kurone D-005 Female Japanese Aristocratic, Caring, Soft-spoken, Do not piss her off OdooriKimura N/A
Akura ??? Female Japanese Cold, Spiteful, Easily annoyed, Overall, just not a pleasant person RyokoUeda N/A


Electro.STOP Productions is a Utauloid Production studio that is currently active and still working on [[|songs]], music, and new upcomming Utauloid releases. Electro.STOP are the creators of the E.S Series 1 including E.S Models E.S1 to E.S 4. There is also the upcoming E.S Series II including E.S Models E.SV to E.SIX

Current E.S Series 1 Releases
UTAU Model Gender Language Voice sampled Release date
Juni Ginkuro E.S1 Male Russian(?) Japanese UJM July 24, 2011
Kai Kashine E.S2 Male German(?) Japanese Ian, who is Miss-Amane's 8-year-old brother. July 29, 2011
Misaki Bodou E.S3 Female English(?) Japanese Waiting for donor August 18, 2011
SV-2 Kohaku E.S4 Male Japanese, Spanish and Korean UJM September 29, 2011
Current E.S Series II Releases
UTAU Model Gender Language Voice sampled Release date
Shizuka Kotone E.SV Female Japanese(?) TBA December 1, 2011
Akane Mikazuki E.SIX Female N/A Inazuma November 19, 2011 (Act 1)
Amaya Koumori E.SX Female Unknown Izzydoodles November 18, 2011 (Act 1)
Upcoming Releases
UTAU Model Gender Language Voice sampled Release date
Aleta E.SVI Female Japanese and Spanish xXxBelle-chanxXx TBA
Aine E.SVII N/A → Female
Mako Akihiko (Raiden Akihiko) E.SVIII Male N/A TBA N/A
Aiko Sukoshine E.S11 Female Chinese(?) Japanese Anastasia (UJM’s 11 year old cousin) January 12, 2012
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Electronic Voice

Electronic Voice is a line of UTAU voicebanks created also by HatsuneMikuVocaloid2. It is a closed group that is not accepting members. All of the voices are created from FL-Studio.

JOKAroids Project

Jokaroid logo

The JOKAroids. A brand of UTAUloids by Mania211 and Utakoloid.

WebSite: jokaroid

UTAU Model Gender Language Voice sampled Release date
Ami Ichigawa JK-01 Female JapaneseMania211June 26, 2011
Yumi Ichigawa JK-02 Female JapaneseMania211 June 26, 2011
BAI-F0 JK-04 both Japanese Mania211May 30, 2011
Yume Shoraine JK-04 Female Japanese jennifer medina??
Sonia Melody JK-03 Female Japanese sonia ??
Y3N JK-0XFboth Japanese Mania211N/A
N3ON JK-0XFemale Japanese Paula N/A


Series of Chilean UTAUloids created by dCatharsis. There are 3 UTAUloids currently released.

UTAU Model Gender Language Voice sampled Release date
Katarina Sokkyoune -00 Female Japanese, Spanish, English, German, Russian (unfinished) dCatharsis November 17th, 2009
Kanti ✰2 Female Japanese, Spanish, Latin, Esperanto dCatharsis April 23th, 2012
Taumaturgo (See page for details) Male Japanese, Spanish, Latin, EsperantodCatharsis February 14th, 2013
Rayén TBA Female TBA dCatharsis TBA

ESPloid Project

The ESPloid project is a group of UTAUloids created by EspeonLady and currently features five UTAUloids, three being voicebanks, two rendered by pitch-manipulation. They are planned to be eventually multilingual and use VCV voicebanks, along with possible voicebank appends/extents. Fukai, Fukasa and Anti-Fukai were voiced by EspeonLady. Taiyo and Taiya Inune were voiced and co-created by Charzinicor/Tobogain. There's a possibility for more ESPloids to be released.

UTAU Model Gender Language Voice sampled Release date
Anti-Fukai -07 Female Japanese Fukai Nekone- (Parent voicebank, using the flags of Y0H0C20g-20)
EspeonLady- (Mothered voicesource)
November 11, 2010
Fukai Nekone 07 Female English, Latin, Japanese, Upcoming French and VCV voicebanks EspeonLady November 11, 2010
Fukasa Nekone 08 Male Japanese, upcoming French and English Voicebanks EspeonLady February 15, 2011
Taiya Inune 13.2 Female Japanese Taiyo Inune (Parent voicebank, with the flags Y0H0C10g-25)
Charzinicor (Fathered voicesource)
December 15th, 2010
Taiyo Inune 13 Male Japanese, Upcoming English Voicebank Charzinicor December 15th, 2010
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A French UTAUloids' groupe directed by kevinp9568.


UTAU Model Gender Language Producer Voice sampled Release date
Trisha Miraion FRA01 Female Japanese,  Kevinp9568 Sakurale July 25, 2010
Evan Mogioto FRA02 Male Japanese,  Kevinp9568 Justin F. July 27, 2010
Lucie Bakakoe FRA03 Female Japanese, Kevinp9568 TBA Coming 2014
Kriss Futarine FRA04 Male Japanese, French Kevinp9568 Kevinp9568 Late 2009
Kelly Futarine FRA04 Female Japanese, Kevinp9568 justforyoursmil3 July 29, 2010
John Michine FRA05 Male Japanese, Kevinp9568 Nicolas F. Coming 2014
Amy Kiryokune FRA07 Female Japanese, Kevinp9568 Marina De L. August 10, 2010
Eleonore Amakoe FRA08 Male Japanese, Kevinp9568 Tautor Coming 2014
Kyle Futarine FRA09 Male Japanese, Kevinp9568 Kevinp9568 August 12, 2010
Lea Ryoumine FRA10 Female Japanese, Kevinp9568 Alexya V. August 13, 2010
Monty Futarine FRA11 Male Japanese, Kevinp9568 Kevinp9568 September 3, 2010
Mio Yoshine FRA12 Female Japanese, Kevinp9568 Shir17 November 4, 2010
Gabirella Hayarine FRA13 Female Japanese,  Kevinp9568 Maelle G. Coming 2014
Kimi Koine FRA14 Female Japanese, Kevinp9568 Kimi_Thunder January 7, 2011
Sakura Makkane FRA14 Female Japanese, Kevinp9568 Shir17 January 7, 2011
Hitomi Fujine FRA15 Female Japanese,  Kevinp9568 Hito17 January 16, 2011
GLaDIS PORTAloid FRA16 Robot Japanese,  Kevinp9568 Kevinp9568 January 17, 2011
Gwendalyn Ikine FRA17 Female Japanese,  Kevinp9568 Mimoze Coming 2014
Lilla Amaine FRA18 Female Japanese,  Kevinp9568 TBA Coming 2014
Kimberley Hyourine FRA19 Female Japanese, French Kevinp9568 Julie M. Mars 10, 2011
Alice Tookune FRA20 Female Japanese, Korean Kevinp9568 Alice Hwang April 23, 2012
Lisa Genteine FRA21 Female Japanese, French Missfrenchbutterfy missfrenchbutterfly Early 2012
Diana Kamine FRA22 Female Japanese, Kevinp9568 Clementine B. April 24, 2012
Georges Otsune FRA23 Male Japanese, Kevinp9568 Quentin G. April 25, 2012
Luna Tsukine FRA24 Female Japanese, Kevinp9568 Kimi_Thunder April 26, 2012
Sunny Hine FRA25 Male Japanese, Kevinp9568 Npyoshi April 27, 2012
Kristine Futarine FRA26 Male Japanese, Kevinp9568 Kevinp9568 April 28, 2012
Yami Aku FRA28 Female Japanese, Kevinp9568 Yamiku December 28, 2012
Marie Kagekine FRA29 - FRA Female Japanese, Pianodream Pianodream April 29, 2012
Carla Toshiuene FRA30 Female Japanese, Kevinp9568 Isabella B. April 30, 2012
Lara Miraion FRA31 Female Japanese, French Kevinp9568 Sakurale June 14, 2012
Kevin Futarine FRA32 Male Japanese, French Kevinp9568 Kevinp9568 Mai 29, 2012
Kate Futarine FRA33 Female Japanese, Kevinp9568 justforyoursmil3 August 3, 2013
Melanie Kusarune FRA34 Female Japanese, French Kevinp9568 Nanalolita September 13, 2013
Fanny Shimane FRA36 Female Japanese, French Kevinp9568 Misa-Chan January 13, 2014

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UTAUs named after a flower. They all have some kind of mental/personality disorder. Flowerloid originated from ZOMGChula of deviantart/WannabeUtau of youtube. So far, the only announce Flowerloid is Ran Fukusune (a WIP Utauloid), but there is a second to come.

UTAU Model Gender Language Voice sampled Release date
Ran Fukusune F-01 Female N/A →
External link

HEARTloid Project

HEARTloid Project creates multilingual UTAUloids from Dutch voicesources. All designs and configurations are being done by RakuenIvy/HeartlessIvy. More HEARTloids are planned. The Official HEARTloid Site: HEARTloid Project

HEARTloid series exists of
UTAU Model Gender Language Voice sampled Release date
Eri Utaune 01 Female N/A HeartlessIvy July 27, 2010 (ACT 1.)
Yuugure Shunka 02 Female N/A HeartlessIvy September 5, 2010
Yoake Shunka 03 Female N/A NeroShiokami October 17, 2010


The iNFiNiTOiDs are a group of UTAUs all voiced by Brett-B, AKA Brynnabin of Youtube, all of them (with the exception of the first, whom is a selfy UTAU) based off of characters from the Cult Classic cartoon "INVADER ZiM" made with not ripping audio from the show, but using amateur impressions of the character!

UTAU Model Gender Language Voice sampled Release date
Makame Buretto
Memuburein Dibbu
Inbeida Jimu (coming soon)
Take Murusaki (coming soon)
Take Akai
GiR (coming soon)
External links

The blog is here , along with the official tumblr page





MCloids stands for "Macchaloids". Maccha is the Japanese word for (powdered) green tea. Originally, "MC" stood for something else. Due to the characteristics of the UTAUs in the series, however, it was decided that the name of the group, and its original goal, would be changed.

UTAU Model Gender Language Voice sampled Release date
Midori Injune MC01 Female Japanese. Chinese and English voicebanks are being planned. Xue/Inuyashacatlover May 17, 2009 (Voice release)
Maccha Maccha MC02 or MC03 Male Japanese. Chinese and English voicebanks are being planned  ??? TBA
??? MC02 or MC03 Female Japanese ??? TBA


MONOloid is a group created by L子 (aeruko) since 2011. MONOloid is a series of UTAU from Japan and overseas countries. There are 9 UTAUs are from Malaysia, 3 UTAUs from Japan, 1 UTAU from Canada and 1 UTAU from Hong Kong.

UTAU Model Gender Language Voice sampled Release date
MONOPOID MNL00 Male Japanese aeruko 4th May 2015
Kaeru Kowairo MNL01 Male Japanese aeruko 5th October 2011
Yuna Kion MNL02 Female Japanese aeruko 5th October 2011
Meru Utaka MNL03 Female Japanese Meru Hanamoto (花本目る) 20th October 2011
Nami Utaune MNL04 Female Japanese Nami-mi 24th December 2009
Kuru Utaune MNL05 Male Japanese Nami-mi 6th March 2011
Yuki Oruganne MNL06 Female Japanese and Chinese HikariMiyuki 31st December 2010
RaiCho MNL07 Female Japanese Kawada Raika (川田来花)18th August 2012
HiTori MNL08 Female Japanese Fye 6th June 2012
Izune MNL09 Female Japanese Annie 1st February 2012
Rei Daisanne MNL10 Male Japanese and Chinese HikariMiyuki 31st December 2010
Nicky MNL11 Male Japanese and Chinese Zungie To be announce
Ritsuka Shuon MNL12 Female Japanese Rulia Yow (哟闻立) To be announced
Ritsuo Shuon MNL13 Male Japanese Pandalolii To be announced



Moriloid is a group with a nature theme to it, therefore the name "Mori"loid (Mori being the japanese word for forest). The group is founded by Seiun and Luka.

The model numbers indicate the order of creation. Some share the same number since they are pitchbended mirror versions of themselves.

UTAU Model Gender Language Range Voice sampled Release date
Valen Fiore 01 Male Japanese A3-F4 Seiun April 20th, 2014
Valencei Fiore 01 Female Japanese G3-C5Seiun April 20th, 2014
Nikolai 02 Male Japanese ? Luka Not Released
Nikki 02 Female Japanese ? Luka Not Released
Royann Taylour 03 Male Japanese E3-B4 Seiun May 21st, 2014
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UTAU voicebanks made by SugarxLove (on Wikia), also known as Katieleesa on YouTube, or HarazokiYuki. These are also helped recorded by some of her friends. Currently, Harazoki Yuki is the only one who is available for download.

~The OTOKIloid Project promises "Princess-like sounds" and UTAU taken to a new level and sound.~

UTAU Model Gender Language Voice sampled Release date
Harazoki Yuki 7.67 Female Japanese Katy Throb May 8, 2012
Sumato Hiyoko 4.3296 Female Japanese Zia Wilder TBA
Velrose Aldamor N/A Female Japanese Velrose Aldamor


Neko Faygo 3.14 Female English Rose Dawson TBA

The Shupaloid Project

The Shupaloid Project (Shoo-Pah-Loid) is a family of UATUloids owned by TAFIRU-P.

We are a group that is dedicated to working hard to bring you high-quality, easy-to-operate and use voicebanks.

We promise to try our hardest to release exquisitely-made voices.

The group is accepting anyonewho is willing to be a member. We accept all languages, all voicebanks, all types and all producers. If you wish to become a member, please leave a message on TaffyRoux's talk page (here) or email TAFIRU-P:

DUALoids is a sub-brand of Shupaloid.


TAFIRU-P (TaffyRoux): (Owner/Creator) President, Voicer

Wolfie-P: Vice-President, Voicer

SERIES #1 (Shupaloids & DUALoids)

" width="5%" | |UTAU

Model Gender Language Voice sampled Release date
Denki Utadenwa Shu-01 Male Japanese/Korean TAFIRU-P

June 4th, 2012

Kerushi Shu-02 Female Japanese/English Wolfie-P TBA
Hiyane/Tsurai Onritsune D-01 Female & Male Japanese/English TAFIRU-P Sep. 13th, 2012

Project TAFIRUTAU Website:

Already-Released UATUloids

Denki Utadenwa

Hiyane & Tsurai Onritsune

Under-Construction UTAUloids



UTAU voicebanks made by HappyDesu1 on YouTube made of Microsoft voices. Such as Microsoft Sam, Microsoft Mike, Microsoft Mary, etc. The only complete voicebank so far is Mikone Samu (巫音サ ). Downloadable through his Meltdown video. You can download the updated version through his update video for a limited time. 2-3 weeks, then the link will be shut down.


POLYGLOID is a group (currently at 3, consisting of Orochi Herman, Miss Nellie and Nauko Oblivion) focusing on multilingualism in voice banks in both VOCALOID and UTAU; it is also a series of multilingual voicebanks for both VOCALOID and UTAU. Founded by Orochi Herman, the objective is to instill awareness of both programs and promoting their usage, going beyond the conventional Japanese language vocalization, as well as helping people use both programs effectively. This was started with the release of the first character derived from Miku, Riza Sotone. The UTAUcentric division of the group is called POLYGLOID-UG. The group will release an UTAU voicebank soon demonstrating these capabilities starting with the future 2nd release, Bonnie and Clyde Sotone, and will simultaneously introduce a new recording standard for UTAU voicebanks.

Current Releases

Note, Riza is not an UTAU.

UTAU Model Gender Language Voice sampled Release date
Riza Sotone None Female Japanese, Filipino and English Hatsune Miku March 25, 2009
Future Releases
UTAU Model Gender Language Voice sampled Release date
Bonnie Sotone UG01F Female Japanese, Filipino and English Nauko Oblivion (Under testing)
Clyde Sotone UG01M Male Japanese, Filipino and English Nauko Oblivion (Under testing)
Paciano Sotone UG02 Male Japanese, Filipino and English Orochi Herman (Scheduled for recording)
Nagori Setsuna KR01 Female Tagalog, English, Japanese, and Filipino Rena-tan (Hankyou) July 31, 2009
Paciano Sotone Renzoku UG02 Male Japanese, Filipino and English Orochi Herman (For scheduling)
Another Riza Sotone N/A → (Proposal stage)
External link
  • The website, currently being updated, is located here.


PROJECT[MONOCHROME]is a group of three people who wanted to make music, and to see who UTAU works, and how far hey can get with it. So far, the group has released two:The calm, collected Saigone Mato, and the cheery and happy Izumine Lalika.

UTAU Model Gender Language Voice sampled Release date
Mato Kurone (Mato Saigone) 07 Female Japanese KIREI N/A (New Release Date) (OLD:10.10.10)
Lalika Izumine 09 Female Japanese Kasarin N/A


A project dedicated to making fail version of the UTAUloids run by two people only.

Project article: Failed UTAUloids - Project UTAYIKALOID

Go to Fail UTAUloids for a list of other fanmade fail UTAUloids that are not in the project.

PSS (Project Sing Song)


PSS is an organization that was created to demonstrate a collection of special UTAU characters. Owned and operated by Kitsunojo and mx, they were the first to design a group to distribute high-quality UTAU voicebanks. This project was started in the spring of 2008. The Characters created by PSS are called "UTAUpss" (not to be confused by the organization's name PSS) as stated in Kitsunojo's 'video announcement' found on youtube and the official PSS website.

Series 1; Ishimaru Michiyo (石丸ミチヨ) and Sakuwatari Chiyo (朔渡チヨ)- and Jokaloid series; Donka Fjord (鈍歌フィヨードッ).

For more information, History of PSS and for contacting reasons, it is suggested that you visit the official Project Sing Song site. For English users, there is an official Wikia for PSS.

UTAU Model Gender Language Voice sampled Release date
Michiyo Ishimaru None Female Japanese mx August 9, 2010
Chiyo Sakuwatari None Female Japanese Kit (kitsunojo) August 9, 2010
Fjord Donka 02 Male Japanese Unknown April 1, 2009
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Project Elemental Vocaloids

These UTAUloids will represent each element. Their voice will not have any kind of settings.

A project which is run by only one person, which is BoA. execute. There are going to be six UTAUloids for this project.

UTAU Model Gender Language Voice sampled Release date
Wayu Hyoune (氷音ワユ) EVUA the aqua Female Japanese and Taiwanese BoA. execute January 23, 2010 (unofficial)
Wafu Morine (森音ワフ) EVUN the nature Male Japanese The Waffleking12 December 16, 2010 (unofficial)
Tai Enne (炎音タイ) the fire N/A → 15110751
Hika Denne (電音ヒカ) the electric N/A → Ainrana
Reru Yorune (夜音レル) the shadow N/A → BoA. execute
Lai Koune (光音ライ) the light N/A → BoA. execute

Project SHIKloid

Go up to AUloids Shikiloids is no longer a supported Organization

Project ROBOloid

A new series of UTAU coming from Saudi Arabia. ROBOloid UTAU are all WIP, and voice banks near completion are Mono Chrome, Fuyune Hikari and Fuyune Kaoru. The first 3 UTAU; Mono Chrome and the Fuyune twins are voiced by StuffisCool3blah and the official wiki containing information prior to their release can be found on the ROBOloid wiki. Project ROBOloid aims to complete 5 UTAU, the remaining two have no name and only one has a confirmed concept art. ROBOloid is the follow up of another UTAU created by StuffisCool3blah, Kuroi Megane, (voice samples can be found on YouTube.(NOTE:this UTAUloid project is not to be confused with Roboloids. Roboloids are pitchyloids with robotic voices, but ROBOloids have a real voicebank with real providers.)

UTAU Model Gender Language Voice sampled Release date
Fuyune Hikari N/A → Female StuffisCool3blah
Fuyune Kaoru N/A → Male StuffisCool3blah
Mono Chrome N/A → Female Japanese, Arabic, and English StuffisCool3blah
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Project UTAU XYZ

Project UTAU XYZ is an UTAU project started by mystsaphyr on YouTube. Each UTAUloid in the project has a specific ID: Utaus marked with an X (such as Kikyuune Aiko - 0X) are voiced and configured by Myst. Utaus with a Y (such as Mathieu Rosaire - 0Y) are voiced by others but configured/maintained primarily by Myst, and Utaus marked with a Z (such as Ariella - 5Z) are affiliated to UTAU XYZ but are owned and maintained by other users. UTAU XYZ encourages the creation of Utaus of different nationalities.

UTAU Model Gender Language Voice sampled Release date
Aiko Kikyuune 0X-A Female Japanese and English mystsaphyr July 10, 2009
Mathieu Rosaire 0Y Male Japanese and English Acorn January 17, 2010
External link

Visit the project UTAU XYZ youtube.

Project MAVloid

This is a series of mixed characters created by Rasberry-Hearted of different programs, including mainly of UTAU and VOCALOID. Many of these characters are WIP "prototypes" and have yet to have updated biographies. Each member of MAVloid has their own specific name and attire; the name must have only two syllables and at least one "l" in their name, as well as a type of coat with the imprinted logo. Many of these characters are male, and the "mascot" of MAVloid is "KYOUNE". The website is currently under construction and it can be visited the MAVloid wiki for more information.

UTAU Model Gender Language Voice sampled Release date
Allen Rostanier MAVloid02 Male English, Japanese, Latin N/A January 2, 2010 (creation)
Cyril Rostanier None Male English and Japanese N/A January 2, 2010 (creation)
Ellie MAVloid04 Female Japanese, Finnish, English N/A January 2, 2010 (creation)
Hosane Nairu MVL06 Female Japanese N/A November 20, 2010 (creation)
Llevi MAVloid 05 Male English, Japanese, and Polish N/A January 2, 2010 (creation)
Rolan Metherlence MAVloid 03 Male N/A N/A January 2, 2010 (creation)
sub-series MAVloid
UTAU Model Gender Language Voice sampled Release date
HANE TBA Female Japanese N/A August 25, 2009 (creation)
Ichirouta N/A →
Nirouta N/A →
Shirouta N/A →
Zaihone Shina N/A →
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PurUtau / Purutau (formerly Puruloid) 2011


The Purutaus were introduced in 2010 when Purufufuru uploaded a video with Kimiko Hidene singing. Purutau consists of UTAUs voiced by Purufufuru/Puru, all of them also designed and configured by him. She started UTAU in the fall of 2010, making him the first Swedish UTAU "producer"/maker.

All of the voicebanks are available for download on the official website. Voicebanks are still being updated by the creator, and regular updates are posted on YouTube and Twitter.

UTAU Model Gender Description Language Voice sampled Release date
Kimiko Hidene (SW:01 / PU:01) Female A young teen-sounding voice (F) Swedish(?) Puru / A-M November 26th, 2011
Miki Yukine (SW:00 / PU:02) Male Young male voice introduced one day after Kimiko (M) Swedish(?) Puru January 3rd, 2011
Whatshisname / Dare (OTL6 / PU:03) Male A deep male voice released in 2011 (M) Swedish(?) Puru 2011
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Revoiceloid is a set of newly made UTAUloids which look like vocaloids and were created by Onaneko in DeviantArt with Hazeruko. Their UTAU voicebanks are still in development as they are still searching for people who want to create a voicebank for ReVoiceLoids. ReVoiceLoid was released around December 2008. Their have 4 UTAU voicebanks that have been voiced: Ayane Wakana, Hiirone Ryo, Kanon Mao and Naraune Hibiki.

UTAU Model Gender Language Voice sampled Release date
Wakana Ayane RVL0A Female (can be mistaken for a male;androgynous) Malaysian and Japanese AYA August 1, 2009
Hiirone Ryo RVL02 Male Malaysian and Japanese Hazeruko July 26, 2009
Mao Kanon RVL03 Female Malaysian and Japanese AYA September 22, 2009
Hibiki Naraune RVL04 Male Japanese Chris October 25, 2009
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Skyloids are UTAUloids created by SkyIsland (koorima1 on YouTube). Skyloid's website can be found here.


SPONGEloid Logo

SPONGEloid is a UTAU group created by SquarePants-G.

UTAU Model Gender Language Voice sampled Release date
Michi Nitten None Female Japanese and English SquarePants-G July 12, 2016
Mitch Nitten None Male Japanese SquarePants-G August 17, 2016
Ichiko None Female Japanese SquarePants-G November 4, 2016
BiNG None Male Japanese Bing Translator January 18, 2017
Itoko Katatsumuri None Male Japanese? SquarePants-G February 8, 2017


SRSloids are UTAUloids voiced/made by SingingRobotStalker. Her label was first out in the month of March, after PSS; it was not inspired by PSS, however, and the name was simply a punny mix of "SRS" and "Vocaloids". This project started in winter of 2008, but did not start being promoted until early 2009. SRS was the second collective group to release high-quality voicebanks. Soon after UtauPSS and SRSloids labels came around, label-making grew very popular, and many groups put "-loids" in their names.

UTAU Model Gender Language Range Voice sampled Release date
Zuii Takoe SRS01 Female Japanese Bass 1 - Soprano 1 SingingRobotStalker April 4, 2009
Su-suko Mijukurini SRS02 Female Japanese Alto 1 - Soprano 1 SingingRobotStalkerFeb. 21st, 2009 (creation date)
Misuinu Kaiki SRS03 Female Japanese Alto 2 - Soprano 2 Tara N/A
Tsuya Yoruno SRS04 Male Japanese N/A [Originally was] Jeffery A. Barber (We are seeking a new voicer!) N/A
Mimishii KokoniCanceled → Female Tara
Nashime KokoniCanceled → Male Tara
Yoshika Omoshiro Canceled →
External links
  • The official wiki of SRSloids may be reached here, and the official site is here.


A series of UTAUloids Based on a steampunk aesthetic. They are produced by Jammythewerewolf and the first two are also voiced by him.

Current Steamloids
UTAU Model Gender Language Voice sampled Release date
Kv2-Ducky 02 Female/robot English/Japanese JammyTheWerewolf March 26, 2013
Gv2-Acer 02 Male/robot English/Japanese Jammythewerewolf March 26, 2013
External link

The steamloid youtube can be found here


UTAU production under the name Project Voice is a group Swedish UTAUmakers, who is relativity new in this. They work on alot of Projects, and they only have one complete voicebank.



Swedish Utau Production, S.U.P. for short is a little utau-workshop/studio created by two Swedish students.

There's currently 4 Utaus active right now, where mostly of them are re-recorded to a second version, one to the first and one to the third ACT.

They usually have Japanese with some English support, but some extra sounds to make them more Characteristic.

They're all Sweloids, but different models.

UTAU Model Gender Language Voice sampled Release date
Mikan Naito Broken Male N/A → ACT:3 [WIP]
Eiko Yuri Snusko Female N/A → ACT:2[WIP]
Kero Kaeru Toy Female N/A → ACT:2[WIP]
Fukai Yoru Virus Female N/A → ACT:1[WIP]

Project MOE

Project MOE is an group that focuses upon the cute aesthetics of voices drawing inspiration from the ever so popular 'otaku' culture. They are made in mind to be cute, look cute and sound cute. You can also call them MOELOID/S.

So far 2 MOELOIDS are in this project. More are in planning.

Project Channel: 

UTAU Model Voice Type Gender Language Voice sampled
Suika Irie M-1 Vivid, Strong Female Japanese


YORU M-2 Mellow Male Japanese Angel


A brand of UTAUloids by AwkwardSlovene, emmygami, WONK2O, and singer22498 on DeviantArt.

The name 'PARAloid' derives from 'Parody' and 'Android'.

UTAU Model Gender Language Voice sampled Release date
Hantai Shaine Shai01/P1.0 Female Japanese Sassyroyalexile January 30, 2011
Shosan Yunibasaru P-630 Female Japanese Emster November 27, 2010
A•Li P-004 Male Japanese (Cat?) Emster December 18, 2010
Yumi Torine P-55 Female Japanese Emster


Team Shizun

Team Shizun is a group of utaus made by HYI~Studios to represent each season.

Team shizun logo5
UTAU Model Gender Language Voice sampled Release date
TREI Fall Female Japanese, English Yoichi-Masaki October 29th, 2012
PO Summer Male Japanese, English (planned) Hale-Hamasaki October 29th, 2012
SIN-GA Spring Lovecraftian Japanese, English (planned) Izuii January 29th, 2013
KUOTA Winter Female Japanese, English (planned) Hale-Hamasaki July 25th, 2014
REI Fall Male Japanese, English (planned) Yoichi-Masaki October 29th, 2013
POI Summer Female Japanese, English (planned) Hale-Hamasaki October 29th, 2013
SEN-DA Spring Lovecraftian Japanese, English (planned) Izuii October 29th, 2012
KYUU Winter Male Japanese, English (planned) Hale-Hamasaki October 29th, 2016


The Rainbow UTAU

The Rainbow UTAUloid Project is a line of UTAUloids by Haloheroine. They, unlike the other Rainbow UTAU Project, are called Rainbow because they are all homosexual. Each UTAUloid is designed with a genre in mind, and multiple Voice Banks may be made, with different sounds, to try and match them and their genre. All UTAUloids are bilingual. There are 5 planned UTAUloids in the Project, two male (Hayao Misakura and Jarred Hananome) and three female (Halo and two others; no names yet). Haloheroine is the only person working on the project so far.

UTAU Model Gender Language Voice sampled Release date
Hayao Misakura R-00_BETA Male Japanese and English Haloheroine October 13, 2009
Jarred Hananome N/A → Male
Halo N/A → Female
External link

The blog can be found here:The Rainbow UTAU (outdated)



Tuneloid is a group of Utauloids created by Phinkee. Each members of this group should have a code imprinted "TX-(number)". TX means TUNEloid X,so every member of this group should have a tag like that. The Utauloids are originally Filipinos,but everyone can join here.Any Utauloids can join here, but if you would like to join here, email/PM Phinkee at:


Facebook: Phinkee Ü Pink

Twitter: @PhinkeeDee

DeviantArt: UTAUYukoYasashine

Member are only limited to minimun of 5,and maximum of 8 members.

These are the list of members of TUNEloid:

Name of UTAULOID Code Number Nationality Creator
Yuko Yasashine TX - 01 Filipino-Japanese Phinkee
Yuu Yasashine TX - 02 Filipino-Japanese Phinkee
Inori Shukyone TX - 03 Filipino-Japanese Phinkee
Available TX - 04 ??
Available TX - 05 ??
Available TX - 06 ??
Available TX - 07 ??
Available TX - 08 ??

Blog: WIP


A group of USA UTAUmakers.

UTAU Model Gender Language Voice sampled Release date
Tomero Chii US-01 Male English(?) Legendmaker12 December 12, 2008
Zanda Kurane US-02 Male English and Japanese ChaoFreak1 December 30, 2008
Kemi Amene US-03 Female Japanese Kenniejellybean February 5, 2009
Kori Ashioto US-05 Female Japanese Korii July 22, 2009
Kaizoku Hina US-06 N/A →
Jakune Churi US-07 N/A →
Jakune Dachi US-08 N/A →
Hibikine Shiki US-09 N/A →
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UTAU-Dreams ia a collection of many different UTAUs who openly choose to join and have their UTAU on the special "list of UTAUs." UTAU-Dreams was made to help users create or improve new or already existing UTAUs.

UTAU Model Gender Language Voice sampled Release date
Maki Watase 4Z Female English(?) Cien (HatsuneMikuVocaloid2) July 9, 2009
Krisa Usagine 02 Female Japanese Krisa February 12, 2010
Yomiko Watase UD-04 Female English(?) Rose (mangafreak925) July 26, 2010
Hideki Hine N/A Male N/A AkaikoVocaloid TBA
Chuushin Watase (Chuushin Shokora) SM-01 and UD-05 Female Japanese Saymoi (TheSaymoi) November 3rd, 2009
Jouku Sajiki UD-08 Female Japanese(?) Harayookoo/BOTTOM January 23, 2010
Yumi Watase (Yumi Torahom) UD-07 Female N/A Maja/Fuwa (loveinuyasha44) August 29, 2009
Nari Hoshii Female TempestSwallow
Runa Ame Female HiKoURoMaN
Yusei Sakurane Male VocaloidKaito24
Tsuchi Loline Female MalchikPride
Kaira Hanabi Female sharkygirl56
Haru Akira UD 12 or 16 Male N/A MalchikPride June 28, 2009 (Date of his Act 1 release)
Zando Osakawa Male Zangoose000
Emiri Kitsuna Female Zangoose000
Hana Aoi Female MsHannerBananer
Akira Michi Female xXRinnyMaiXx
Toyo Aya 01, UD-18 Female English(?) QuietButHappy November 27, 2009
Shinkiro Watase Female Onna
Aya Sumine UD-19 Female Japanese Muyo (muyo1992) April 21, 2010
MOKA Female TempestSwallow
Hayato Bakane None Male N/A lejovocaloid8 (Lejo) January 13, 2010
MODE Koekoe UD-23 Female N/A Doki Panic (SkittlesAreFriends) April 5, 2010
Suika Sukune 130 under it is UD-23 - Female Japanese Summer Strenkert (LafeyexLucifer) May 15, 2009
Akari Sakurane Female
Lucy Usagine Female
BS Su Bakade UD-BS Female Khemria, Krisjc0202, Harayookoo
Deha Suuzane Female Suuzane Deha
YoKu Teine Female Spookylinna
Shiori Takashi Female Sanda427
Kurumi Subarashiine 02 Female Yorunai January 23, 2010
Emiri Sene Female HatsuneMikuVocaloid2
Urviva Amorn Female MiyukiSato666
Tsuki Female shinjuIkura
Umine Hayama 08 Male Japanese and a little English (Imai) VocaloidImai December 04, 2009
Amagaku 333 Female N/A Kat K. (theUTAUmania) October 19, 2009
Karin Akine UD-36 Female N/A Tifa155 July 20, 2010
Taiyo Raikone VSU 01 Female Japanese and English Jellophish (Kelliapi1) July 8, 2010
Kiku Yukine SK01 Female Japanese Feiru (whitedragonz202020) July 17, 2010
Hima Amene Female Hima Amene
Shuku Seine Male NiladTheRogue
Merissa Female corgi91
Shizuka Aratane Female ArataneShizuka729
Jessi Maki KA01 Female kolya (MrKouSings) June 27, 2010
Kurone Seikakuiro KN-188 Female Malaysian-Japanese Aiko/Rebekah (188Aiko) July 11, 2010
Takashi Gitane Male Takashi
Gonchi Kotobane Male paperloid07
Avril Cristane Female paperloid07
Heiji Bakane Male lejovocaloid8
Zeyasu Watase Female Rebecca-Chan
Getsui Watase Male ImASpazyMcSpazatron
Natsu Watase Female LafeyexLucifer
Ponta Watase Female annalisa712
Elliade UD-53 Female N/A Cien August 26, 2010
Yohji Nagine Unknown Male Japanese TheFallenInfant July 20, 2010
Hotaru haru UD-55 Female
Kimiko Hidene SW:01 Female Swedish Puru / A-M November 26, 2011
Hisoka Kurosawa K-08131 Female Japanese Midori-kun August 21, 2010
Windy Kazeyama None Female Finnish and Japanese Kwappa April 14, 2010
Saiko Ginshuu .S゜ Female Finnish and Japanese Maiju Some day in May 2010
MeiLin FIN-03 Female Japanese Essi Unknown
Momoko Hasinaka Female SugarandSpicepuppies
Bobbi Navine WS-01B Female English(?) LuckyStarNo1Fan/'UTAUBobbi July 14, 2010

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Utau Kone Series

Utau Kone Series started when Kone Hana was created but now there is a Utau Kone Series website. The UTAU voicebanks include Kone Hana, Kone Hanataro, and Kone Niirokitsune. These UTAU voicebanks are fairly new. They were released sometime early April - Late May.

UTAU Model Gender Language Voice sampled Release date
Kone Hana None Female Japanese Kitty07722 May 22, 2009
Kone Hanataro None Male Japanese Kitty07722 May 22, 2009
Kone Niirokitsune None Female Japanese Kitty07722 May 24, 2009
External link

You can check it out at

V2ULoids and Project Vocalize

V2U or Vocaruid/Vocaroid/Utauroid is a project created by Rena-tan (Hankyou). Vocaruid meaning kind/class or like (found in her dictionary) a Vocaloid but is not a vocaloid, but an Utauloid/Utauroid or somehow trying to be like a vocaloid by just changing Voca"Roid" to Voca"Ruid". Its possible for them to have a vocaloid config and have an utau voice bank at the same time. First of the Vocaroid/Vocaruid/Utauroid series is Teru Tatsune which has a voice config from luka and will have an UTAU voicebank soon. It was created around Sept-Oct of 2008

Project Vocalize Utau's made by Rena-tan (Hankyou) of DeviantArt. These utau's are classified as Karaloids or Nijiloids also known as Colorloids or Rainbowloids. They comprise of Nagori Setsuna & Anya Kyuumune. They are arranged as a rainbow colors plus black, grey & white.

UTAU Model Gender Language Voice sampled Release date
Nagori Setsuna KR01 Female Tagalog, English, Japanese, and Filipino Rena-tan (Hankyou) July 31, 2009
Anya Kyuumune N/A →
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YuKai UTAU Productions / YuKaiLoid

Wiki yukaiutauproductions

The YuKai UTAU Productions or the "YuKailoids" were created by KaiSuki and nekodoru, in december 2010,
Iak and Ouy YuKai being the first ones getting a real voicebank.

UTAU Model Gender Language Range Voice sampled Release date
Iak Yukai 00 Male Japanese Alto 2 - Soprano 2 KaiSuki December 20, 2010 Non public
Ouy Yukai 00 Male Japanese Alto 2 - Soprano 2nekodoru December 20, 2010 Non public
KAI KIM 01 Male Korean Japanese Bass 1 -
Alto 1
KaiSuki March 11, 2011
Yuett Egao 01 Female Japanese Alto 2 - Soprano 2 nekodoru February 23, 2011
KaiKai Kim 02 Female Korean Japanese Alto 1 -
Soprano 1
KaiSuki February 1, 2011
Youe Egao 02 Male Japanese Bass 1 -
Alto 1
nekodoru April 1, 2011
KUBI SHUNE 03 Male Japanese Alto 2 -
Alto 1
KaiSuki June 7th 2012
MEGAne 03 Male Japanese Bass 2 -
Bass 1
nekodoru June 7th 2012
KUBIKO SHUNE 03.2 Female Japanese Alto 1 - Soprano 2 KaiSuki June 7th 2012
NE 03.2 Female Japanese Soprano 2 -
Soprano 1
nekodoru June 7th 2012
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DV-Loid UTAU set/family is a group of UTAU created by kairi and MangAniMania (Nii) that have been planed since the middle of 2010. They still accept other members/voicers from any country to join their UTAU family.

UTAU Model Gender Language Voice sampled Release date
Kira Tsubasane DV-02 Female Japanese Kairi February 3, 2011
Miu Nozomine DV-03 Female Japanese Nii February 3, 2011
Felly Kone DV-05 Male Japanese Creator's Brother July, 2011 (Private VB)
Cain Rokune DV-06 Male Japanese Kairi June 17, 2011
REIKA DV-07 Female Japanese Kairi -
Sora Kiboune DV-08 Male Japanese Nii -
??? DV-09 Female Japanese Nii -
??? DV-10 ??? Japanese Kairi/Nii -
Saku Midorine DV-?? Female Japanese sa-chan -
??? DV-?? ??? Japanese Yuuki -
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A series of UTAUloids who are created and gathered for wearing various hoodies. This group was created by HimeHimeka and voiced by various UTAU makers and also herself.

UTAU Model Gender Language Voice sampled Release date
LUMI/Rumi HOOD-01 Female Japanese HimeHimeka January 11, 2012
Kuo Amakusa HOOD-02 Male Japanese Midori-kun June 18, 2012
Mami TJHAN HOOD-03 Female Japanese In-chan December 3, 2011
Usagi HOOD-04 Male Japanese Hikari N/A
Utaya Sukune HOOD-05 Male Japanese Y-ko December 9, 2011
Rara Kimine HOOD-06 Female Japanese Rara January 7, 2012
Tsuyoi Oto 0701 HOOD-07 Male Japanese Claudia May 15, 2011
Kanon SugarU HOOD-08 Female Japanese sachi December 22, 2011
Kanade Myuzu HOOD-09 Female Japanese Ciel Kagamine January 21, 2012
Aoi Tamashi HOOD-10 Male Japanese - N/A
Revo Otome HOOD-11 Female Japanese Ichanyo N/A
Tsuki Noname HOOD-12 Female Japanese Tara N/A
Natsuno Kyou HOOD-13 Male Japanese Yuu N/A
Yuki Samui HOOD-14 Female Japanese - N/A
Shiro Kuma HOOD-15 Male Japanese Ruu & Nakano April 17, 2012
Rhea Amene HOOD-16 Female Japanese ChinaDoll22 April 3, 2012
Yoh HOOD-17 Male Japanese lotus August 26, 2011
KAGEASA HOOD-18 Male Japanese Rin Veey May 18, 2012
Kirei Oheina HOOD-19 - - - N/A
Megao HOOD-20 - - MeganeMegao N/A
Ai Ikeda HOOD-21 Female Japanese Haley Potter January 14, 2012
San Hara HOOD-22 Female Japanese Kim Hye Je-un April 26, 2012
Mushi HOOD-23 Male Japanese ベラC N/A
Senritsu Luna HOOD-24 Female Japanese Lyrie July 31, 2012
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Light And Shadow PROJECT

They are a group of utaus whose personalities are based on light and shade. Created by Narusegawa-P and Kurayami. Up to the moments this one shaped by 2 utaus.

UTAU Model Gender Language Voice sampled Release date
Shirabe Amane Light Female English, Spanish, Japanese and Korean Narusegawa-P

?? (Private VB)

Jeneshisu Kurayami Shadow Female English, Spanish and Japanese Kurayami September 21, 2012(?
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MISALOIDS BANNER A group of UTAU's created by Isa and Mikera consisting of 6 UTAU's,Hanamori Isaki,Koene Miho,Hibikine Kei,MIA,Sanne Akihiko,Nokomi Kim. This group is filled with awesomeness and we hope to have more MISAloid UTAU's in the future. We came up with the name of the group by combining "MI" from "Mikera" and "SA" from "Isa".

MISAloids so far
UTAU Model Gender Language/s Voice sampled Release date
Hanamori Isaki MI07 Female Japanese,Korean Isa August 4, 2011
Koene Miho E1 Female Japanese,English Mikera May 5, 2012
Hibikine Kei E2 Male Japanese,English Isa June 6, 2012
MIA MI19 Female Japanese Mia June 26, 2012
Sanne Akihiko E3 Male Japanese Kevinp9568 July 2, 2012
Nokomi Kim 2014 Female Japanese,Korean Raiyux September 14, 2012



A group of Canadian UTAUs created by Ni-Kun, currently consisting of 3 released UTAU (And one's respective genderbend). The UTAUs mostly have big, elaborate backstories to them, detailing a second form of Kihekine Ni, etc. 2loids often have a Nickname and a far-fetched and/or disturbing backstory. The name 2loids comes from Ni, which is also the Romaji for 2, and the self-explanitory suffix of 'loid'.

UTAU Model Gender Language Samples Appends Voicer Release date Links
Kihekine Ni 0720 Male Japanese VCV Yes Ni-Kun January 4, 2011 Party Junkie
Kihekine Nia 0270 Female Japanese VCV Yes Ni-Kun January 4, 2011 n/a
Tarumi Kuma 5-2 Male Japanese VCV No Ni-Kun September 3, 2012 Coward Montblanc
Sakurane Yukine Desune STD666 Androgynous Japanese CV No Ni-Kun December 15, 2013 First Love Academy - School of True Love



A group of utauloids which consisting of 4 UTAUs from Indonesia. All of them are encoded and sorted based on their primary color (red-green-blue, hence the name) respectively. Founded on early 2012.

UTAU Model Gender Language Voice sampled Release date
Verin Netsune RGB-01-006 Female Japanese ver-ichihara January 8th, 2013
Mui Madane RGB-02-061 Male Japanese kurelenka July 7th, 2011
Mai Madane RGB-02-061 Female Japanese kurelenka September 7th, 2011
Kai Shindoune RGB-03-017 Female Japanese hiikai July 13th, 2011

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Project-DERE (DEREloids)


A group of Utauloids voiced and/or created by Raxiinus, TheLordOfTurtles, Ookeles, Roamingpandas, Historical-Kasztner, Desu-sama, and ShaneHart121. The name comes from the fact that the first four UTAU in the group (Ashurii, Saturo, Daisuke, and Kikachu) are Deres (EX: Tsundere, Yandere, etc.), although this does not mean all UTAUs in this group are "deres" nor do they have to be.

External Links

UTAU Model Gender Language Voice sampled Release date
Ashurii Tsuki AA01 Female Japanese Raxiinus October 22th, 2011
Saturo Ren AA02 Male Japanese Raxiinus December 13th, 2011
Daisuke Itone AA03 Male Japanese Raxiinus -
Kikachu AA04 Male Japanese Raxiinus -
TaYLoR TL01 Female Japanese TheLordofTurtles July 31st, 2011
CRI CR-1 Female Japanese RoamingPandas December 9th, 2012
DJ TL02 Female Japanese TheLordofTurtles and her little sister -
DoMiNiC TL03 Male Japanese MaxxiMisha -
Yuri Ming N/A Female Japanese TheLordofTurtles -
Antoinette N/A Female Japanese Historical-Kasztner -
Tempo N/A Hermaphrodite Japanese Desu-sama -
Beat N/A Female Japanese Desu-sama -
Mana Makgune N/A Female Japanese ShaneHart121 August 7th, 2013

Project Mythos/Mythosoids

Project Mythos is a group in which UTAU's are created with unique and unusual features. Currently only one UTAU voicebank is released, and it's only in beta UTAU status: Myth-Poid/1012p_00 - Project on hold, meant to be a template for feature voicebanks

Tsukekuru Wide/1012p_01 - Current project, lite Japanese voicebank is completed, PRO Japanese voicebank in production, a full english voicebank, created similar to an English Vocaloid, is in progress, a Spanish voicebank is also in development.

1012p_02 - a Spaztic, yet mature female vocal, female counterpart to 1012p_01, and will have most of the same features

1012p_03 - a deep male vocal, intended for opera and classical music, it's said 1012p_03 and 1012p_01 furiously hate each other

1012p_04 - a high pitched, yet mature female vocal, 1012p_03's female counterpart, and will have most of the same features

1012p_05♀ - a child female vocal, meant for small childrens songs

1012p_05♂ - a child male vocal, meant for small childrens songs

1012p_06 - a higher male vocal, will have many voicebanks

UTAU Model Gender Language Voice sampled Release date
Tsukekuru Wide 013/1012p_01 Male Japanese/English/Spanish Myth-P

lite: April 15, 2013


(Likely sometime in August or Febuary )

Myth-Poid 1012p_00 Male Japanese/English/Spanish/Partial Latin/Partial French Myth-P BETA RELEASE: July 20, 2012

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Treble Confections (TREBLEloids)

500px-Treble Confections Logo

A Group of UTAUs created by AI and senor-banana. Each TREBLEloid has a music clef somewhere in their design (hence "Treble" one of the musical clefs) and their character item is some sort of Japanese snack (hence "Confections"). Five voicebanks have been officially released with one in planning stages.

Aiko: Strong Soprano voice

Akemi: Strong Mezzo Soprano/Alto voice

Akane: Baritone/Bass Voice

Kin: Sweet, High Pitched Soprano voice

Kiyouta: Baritone/Bass Voice

Miden: Sweet, High Pitched Soprano Voice

Yattan: "Shota"/Countertenor/Boy Soprano voice

Current TREBLEloids
UTAU Model Gender Language/s Voice sampled Release date
Aiko Wakana TL 4/4 Female Japanese AI July 13, 2011
Akemi Wakana TL 02 Female Japanese KOTONE July 31, 2011
Yattan Akamaine TL 96 Male Japanese senor-banana January 17, 2013
Kin Kaneko TL 9 Female Japanese AI July 20, 2012
Akane KoueTL F3 Male Japanese AIAugust 9, 2013
Kiyouta KotoneTBA Male Japanese TBATBA
Miden OnpuTBA Female Japanese senor-banana


External Links:


VKLOIDs are a group of UTAUloids that were voiced and created by vkunicorn or friends of her.

Unless an UTAU's page states that they are an official VKLOID, they are an impersonator.

Click our icon to go to our official group!
Name Page link
VKLOIDs Unite! Blog
VKLOIDs full info page VKLOIDs
Reyo Karase Reyo Karase
Mitsuki Akara Mitsuki Akara
Doom Doomithica Mide Knight
Akana Mikyune Akana Mikyune
Nyanya Mayama N/A
Sage Kaurua-Kitsune Sage Kaurua-Kitsune
Kasa Totoro And I quote this crazy little girl: "GODS DON'T NEED WIKI PAGES!!!"
Inazu Karase Inazu Karase
Azun Kurone N/A
Zute Chinami N/A
<s>Xiaomao/Koneko Xiaomao/Koneko
Kai Smith N/A

VocArtloids / HUNloid's


A Hungarian UTAUloids' group directed by Serahime-hana. [First official hungarian UTAU user.] These Group had a five member with more UTAU's, but these group still open. If release a new Hungarian UTAU, the director ask the voicer, that join.

UTAU Model Gender Language Voice sampled Release date
Haruka Orenji 01-27 Female Japanese, Korean, Chinese Serahime-hana December 02, 2011
Yume Neiko 01-24 Female Japanese Dreamer-Moongeisha Februar 24, 2012
Nero C 02-01Male Japanese, Korean, Chinese Serahime-hana April 07, 2012
Mamoru Kyo02-02 Male Japanese Xionora April 14 ,2012
Lizabelle Wave 01-8 Female Japanese brsa July 09, 2012
Yomoko Nemu 03-01 Female Japanese Xionora April 14 ,2012
Kimi Neiko 03-02 Female Japanese Dreamer-Moongeisha Februar 13, 2013
Rakki Meiyonine 04-00 Male Japanese Serahime-hana Mai 23, 2013
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Haruka Orenji Haruka Orenji
Yume Neiko Yume Neiko
Nero C Nero C
Mamoru Kyo Mamoru Kyo
Lizabelle Wave Lizabelle Wave
Yomoko Nemu N//A
Kimi Neiko Kimi Neiko
Rakki Meiyonine Rakki Meiyonine


UtaNeRe is a group made up of private/semi-private utaus. The voicebanks under the group are shared among members although some are distributed outside too, but only with the permission of the owners of the UTAU. The UTAUs included in the group are still expanding with new voice providers whose voicebanks are handled by at least one of the members. The group is open to other users with their private UTAUs.

There is a "main UTAUloid" for each user as an ID of some sort.

Main UTAUs
UTAU Model Gender Language Voice sampled Bank in the pack Release date
Cerise Honeydew N/A Female Japanese Nikiten V1, TIRED Append N/A (Private)
Kurashi Key HU_01 Female Japanese Loui ACT1 N/A (Private)
Meine Rikka AI-V1 Female Japanese hyperhurricane ACT1 June 14, 2012 (SemiPrivate)

Group Wikia page: UtaNeRe


NEKOloid3 is a group of utauloids made by moizzzproductions. they come from the netherlands.

UTAU Model Gender Language Voice sampled Release date
Uta Yureine Neko Female japanese, english. Moizzzproductions 2013
Artic Leon Art Male japanese ??? 2014

Project Sound

Project Sound is a new group that's been under consideration for several years and finally went into production with the creator's UTAU, iNA. 

A total of three vocals are currently planned.

UTAU Produced in Gender Langage(s) Voice sampled Release Date
iNA Virginia Female Japanese KK-chan RELEASED;

March 2015

TBA Texas, Virginia TBA TBA Shade TBA
TBA  -> Spots TBA

The creator's DeviantArt holds most of the information and updates.


MOTOloids are UTAUloids made by the user [ MotoAmaya]. It is also known as 'Project Moto' and 'EMIloid'.

UTAU produced in gender voice sampled release date
Haruko Tsuchiya England female MotoAmaya 1st April (but not a joke)
Shinju Yume England/unsure where the voicer is from female Tispykitten 28th May
Keiti Bluebird Englnd female MotoAmaya pitched up N/A



VELOID were created by Veloid Studio / Veloid S.

UTAU Model Gender Language Voice sampled Release date
B@LL Powerine UNKNOWN Male Japanese Veloid S March 15, 2016
Bew Powerine UNKNOWN Female Japanese MegMilk Bew04 March 31, 2016
BEEM UNKNOWN Female Japanese  ? Junly , 2016

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Bankon Jam Media

Bankon Jam Media emblem
Bankon Jam Media is a group of utau-users, who create a group of utau, draws arts and write the story for them.

There are:

  • emoPaladin
  • dreamsReaper
  • hcloMaster (or HClO)
  • Chornaya Drakoshig (Ajris Donoma's creator)
  • whitefirePrincess (or Koe; Areku's, Azemi's and Koetree's creator)
  • Kirano-Heta Phantom (Nika Kirano's and Suverenitete's creator)
  • Memoka (Misao Serai's and Ritsu da Rito's creator)
  • Lemon (Kagari Ner's and Sata's creator)
  • Leo Glenn (Hannah's Regret's creator)
  • AiDeXinn (Shiki's creator)
  • Dragon Solitaire (or Nyanket:3 ; Sango Akemiko's creator)

Also they have their own wikia on Russian language here, and public VK here.

UTAU Produced in Gender Language Voice sampled by Status
Kaj Llingvam Belarus Male Japanese (Russian is planned) Dima Tumaly Released (VCV)
Emmanuelle BluR Belarus Both Japanese Jellyfish Eyes Released (CV)
Nikolas Toraitengen (Nobody) Belarus Male Japanese Leon Fomin (Adam Price) Released (CV)
Alistor P'en Belarus Male Japanese Margrit Released (CV)
Gerda Karoo Belarus Female Japanese (Russian is planned) Dima Tumaly Released (VCV)
Doom Coaend Russia Male Japanese Planned
Alice Phantomi Russia Female Japanese Valeria Prokosheva Released (CV)
Dorian Swift Russia Male Japanese (in secret) Beta CV
Elisa Swift Russia Female Japanese (in secret) Beta CV
Shiburi Izu Russia Female Japanese (in secret) Beta CV
Adelle Belarus Female Japanese Gasilova V.N. Released (CV)
Io Goshikki Russia Female Japanese Planned
Ronnie Paranormal Belarus Male (Feminne) Japanese fivaprole Released (CV)
Ajris Donoma Belarus Female Japanese Margrit Released (CV), VCV is recorded
Vladislav Kajdar Belarus Male Japanese Il'ya Lyudoyed Released (CV)
Emmanuel Morph Belarus Female Japanese emoPaladin Released (CV)
Teo Medea Belarus Male Japanese Nikita Kavun (ninndand) Released (CV)
Hatori Longshadow Belarus Male Japanese Koe (whitefirePrincess) Released (CV)
Kassij Kogito Belarus Male Japanese Lexxmast0r Released (CV)
Maynajo X2 Nokia Belarus Male Japanese, Belarussian is in process Chris Osbourne (Cannabis Ibis, emoPunk) Released (CV, VCV+CVVC)
Maore Tai Lenovo A820 Belarus Male (crossgender) Japanese Blackmorne Blackwood Released (CV)
Anny HP Envy Russia Male Japanese Planned
Heiden Ortvick Belarus Male Japanese emoPaladin Released (CV, semi-VCV)
Jane Vaterloo Belarus Female Japanese Chornaya Drakoshig Planned
Sava Medner Russia Male Japanese hcloMaster (HClO) Released (VCV), now cancelled by HClO
PianoloidINA Russia Female Japanese hcloMaster's piano Released (CV, VCV)
Lithium Russia Female Japanese emoPaladin Released (CV), now cancelled by emoPaladin
Avier A Belarus Male Japanese; Belarussian, Chinese and English are in process emoPaladin Released (CV, VCV+CVVC)
Kimimi Kuzdra Russia Male Japanese hcloMaster (HClO) Released (CV), VCV is private
Teino Kuzdra Russia Male Japanese hcloMaster (HClO) Private
Meredith Kajdar Belarus Female Japanese Il'ya Lyudoyed (now we're search for new voicegiver) Beta CV
Kannabis Belarus Male Japanese emoPaladin Released (CV)
Areku & Azemi Hoshizora Belarus Both Japanese, Belarussian is planned Koe (whitefirePrincess) Released (CV)
Koetree Masuku Belarus Female Japanese Koe (whitefirePrincess) Released (CV)
HClOe Russia Male Japanese, Russian in process, Chinese and Korean are planned hcloMaster (HClO) Released (CV, VCV), other parts are private now
Nika Kirano Russia Female Japanese Kirano-Heta Phantom Released (CV), planned (VCV)
Suverenitete Russia Female Japanese Kirano-Heta Phantom Released (CV)
Drygva Belarus Male Japanese Koe (whitefirePrincess) Released (CV)
Sauli Dzhan Belarus Female Japanese emoPaladin's great-grandmother Private
Hannah's Regret Russia Male Japanese Leo Glenn CVVC is recorded
Iolanda Kai (Aku Amata) Belarus Female Japanese Arisson Released (CV)
Kitsune Dakesia Belarus Female Japanese carbonx Released (CV)
Ennem Mon Star Belarus/Taiwan Female Japanese ivyleaf33 Released (CV)
Sango Akemiko Russia Female Japanese Dragon Solitaire Planned
Vetka Russia Female Japanese Tuesday Twice CV is recorded
Ritsu da Rito Russia Male Japanese Planned
Misao Serai Russia Female Japanese Memoka Realeased (CV)
Kagari Ner Russia Male Japanese Lemon Released (VCV)
Kagari Sata Russia Female Japanese Lemon Released (VCV)
Shiki Ukraine Female Japanese AiDeXinn Released (CV)


Here's all the UTAUloids section that does, not cover the reality. Vocaloid VoiceBank's, and UTAU joke for Hungary, Crypton vocaloids fanmade version, and they are all beautifull and cute!
                                        All UTAU
Name NO. Voice
Itsume Maya SU01 Megurine Luka
Kurasakhy Mika S069 CUL
Rossalio S25 Sakine Meiko
Nakashimi Nara SU02 Utane "Defoko" Uta, Shion Kaito, Nakashimi Suki
Nakashimi Suki SU02 Hatsune Miku, Utane "Defoko" Uta, Shion Kaito, Nakashimi Nara, CUL, Furakawa Miki
II. Taishou Izabella Izayoi SU18 Kokone
Kurasakhy Mike S690 Kurashaky Mika

Nakajima Nara

Nakajima Suki

(fanmade vocaloid's)



Nakashimi Suki & Nakashimi Nara
Karashi SU10

Kurasakhy Mika


Rushiloid Logo

A group for the main UTAUloids created by Luci-tan. The characters doesn't have an expecific character model, but they are still collectible because they are a "band".

Official blog:

UTAU Model Gender Language Voice Sampled Release Date
Furaingushain 01 Female At the moment, Japanese Luci-tan October 28, 2017 
Aku Ongaku 02 Female (but neutral pronoums are accepted) Japanese Luci-tan TBA
Kyo Maeda 03 Non-Binary (AMAB) At the moment, Japanese TBA (probably Luci-tan) TBA
CLO 04 Identifies as Female At the moment, Japanese Lulupisita TBA
KIWORK 05 Identifies as Male At the moment, Japanese TBA TBA
CANDY 06 Female At the moment, Japanese TBA TBA



These are a group of UTAUloids made from the Xyon Group. Most of the voicebanks are still under WIP but there are plans to be released soon. The WIP characters have a slight chance of being discontinued. Creator of XyonLoid's YouTube: ChMaree

UTAUloid Model Number Gender Race Language Voiced By Date of Release
Akita Yumina XY024 Female Neko Japanese ChMaree Released (Sept 15, 2017)
Zero Hiaasu XY025 Female Human Japanese Potpot912 Released

(July 06, 2018)

Kade Zehiro XY023 Male (Or Bisexual) Human (Possesed) Japanese Arzene To Be Announced
Tesero Miyamoto XY022 Male Human Japanese idrian2004 To Be Announced


DIGIDOLL-Production is newly released and formed by roosjuh14290 and VocaDY-Creation.  We have been working on the project together for a long time before we decided to join forces. Roos got the idea and the name and before we knew it it was up and running. We have a total of 19 utaus but only 6 of them is currently released or soon to be. The rest will be listed as we go since we havent fully worked out the last numbers.  All information needed of each character is on our website including downloadable links and more.  So far we have mostly VCV Japanese voicebanks, but other languages /types of voicebanks will or may be formed for some of our utaus, like Chouko.

Utauloid released (updates) Voicebanks Gender Voiceprovider Release

DD1 - Kurora Rozari                                                      roosjuh14290

VCV Japanese Female roosjuh14290 12.03.19
DD2 - Kazuki Chouko                                                      vocady-creation CV  Act 2 - Japanese

CV Act 3 - Japanese VCV Japanese
- Cocoon (Standard)
- Flutter (Softer)
- Cho (mature)
- Bright VCCV English and Spanish in the making

Female vocadycreation  15.03.19
DD3 - Umi Shinju                                                             vocady-creation VCV Japanese  Female vocadycreation  19.03.19
DD4 - Kiseki Kana                                                           roosjuh14290 VCV Japanese  Female   roosjuh14290 24.03.19
DD5 - Konpeito Ame                                                       roosjuh14290 VCV Japanese  Female   roosjuh14290
DD6 - Wagashi Shiki                                                       vocady-creation VCV Japanese  Female vocadycreation