Clyde Amaski


Clyde Amaski Is Based on His Creator and is ever changing

Clyde Amaski is a Male Crossdresser not so much of a trap but still a

VB testing - Unravel - クライド Amaski EXTEND and Whisper Appends

VB testing - Unravel - クライド Amaski EXTEND and Whisper Appends

Children Record Clyde Amaski Act 4 UTAU COVER

Children Record Clyde Amaski Act 4 UTAU COVER

crossdresser. He is symbolized with saltine crackers for it's his favorite food next to soup. His age changes depending on how he feels from 10-45.His Voice range has not been tested yet :P. His weight also changes from a scale of 90 to 120 lbs. His height is 5'6. His Birthday is unknown. his eye color is always blue. Clothes are  bandages arou

nd his chest leaving his stomach bare a red skirt with a belt and shoes.The right side of his hair is always brown but the right side changes colors...doesnt matter what colors though. He doesn't like being yelled at because it's traumatic for him. His twin Sister is Asumi Akete. Clyde Has Multiple Personalities which is why his hair changes colors.

Other Info

His voice provider is Brian Milani. The Voice Banks are not released yet but will be soon He Has An Act 4 Tripitch soon to be multi perhaps, a cute, whisper, and silver append, and V.2,3,and 4 VCV's plus an 8 mora VCV when i am not lazy i will make a shout Bank


Clyde Act 4 Tripitch is nearing completion and will be released soon


Clydes VCV v.2 will not be released unless i give the ok with my voice over my youtube channel due to potential stealing i will not release this bank untill further notice please notify me if released before hand


Clyde's Silver Append VCV has been announced and Clyde's CVVC Japanese bank has been released check downloads below

Clyde's 2 mora VCV EXTEND has been Released


Youtube:Brian Milani   Utaforum- aishababy



Clyde MonoPitch CV:

Clyde CVVC Japanese:

Clyde Amaski 2 mora EXTEND VCV:

Clyde CVVC Japanese Act 2 (Better Clearness and barely any static):

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