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Cina (シナ) is a voicebank for the UTAU program. He is also a major character of "REFLET PROJECT". As a non-human gem lifeform, they are sexless. He consider himself as a man, and use He/Him pronouns.


Cina is in the canon of R.Project's story the child of the Goddess of the Earth, Gaïa. He have a little sibling name Aquamarine (who's also a Utauloid).

He works as a scientist specializing in robotics. He's somehow popular in his hometown, some people see him as a cool guy, some as a crazy scientist. (His close friends know that he is a bit of both). Contrary to his little sibling, Cina is a reserved person. It's not that He dislike people, he just enjoy calm.

He is a work addict, spend almost all of his freetime to experiments. Beside he's love for science and robotic, he's very fond of music. Aquamarine introduce him to Phylli's music band, and since then he became one of their vocalist.

Etymology details

  • Name: "Cina" is the short for "Cinabre" (who means "Cinnabar" in french). It's pronounce "Shina" in reference of the japanese word for this stone, Shinsha (辰砂).
  • Other: Their nicknames are "Shin" or "Shin-chan".

Character details

  • Description: Cina is a humanoid gem-lifeform, inspired by the Gems in Houseki no Kuni. He doesn't have skin, but use a powder to create the illusion of it. They're 27 years old, 181 cm tall and weighs "as much as a humanoid Cinnabar stone of 181 cm weighs".
  • Outfit: TBA
  • Likes: Robotic, science, lofi music and calm space
  • Dislikes: His voice, being made in cinnabar, noisy childs


  • Aquamarine - Little sibbling
  • Gaïa (goddess) - Mother
  • Gaïa - adoptive little sister

Voicebank details

Nowadays, Cina have two voicebanks :

  • Japanese CV - Also know as Morganite, Private Voicebank.
  • Japanese VCV [ACT 1] - (Not released yet)

Morganite is a alternative version of Cina using his CV voicebank created by SoraFan810.

Terms of Use

All the provisions below shall be applied to the voicebank:

  • R-18 Content Allowed? Only for lyrics (like in "Gomenne Gomenne" by Kikuo for example)
  • Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Permission not required
  • Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Permission Required
  • Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Derivative characters are NOT allow (don't edit the VB please)
  • Terms of use? (Work in progress)



  • His most prominent quality as well as his soul type is perseverance.
  • His favorite colors are red and silver.
  • Mohs scale hardness : 2,5
  • If he broke, we can put him back together, so he is technically immortal.
  • He doesn't age up.
  • He was born in a french speaking country, but moved out eventually to a english speaking country. That's why he speaks fluent english but have a french accent. He learn Sélénite (japanese) because he was interest in the Selenite culture, but he doesn't speak it fluently yet.
  • He use to have long hair, but he cut it because a lot of people mistaken him for a girl, and that made him feel uncomfortable
  • He absolutely despise his voice, who he found too high pitch and feminine. It's the reason he starts singing in the first place, Aquamarine suggested that idea so he can learn to like it and control it better.


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