Cina (シナ) is a utau but also a character from the story "REFLET' (story creation in progress). He make part of the R.PROJECT universe with Gaïa. He broke the fourth wall, and you can easily talk to him with his twitter.

His voicebank is in beta test, so he is not release yet. English and French voicebanks are planned, but he have only a japanese voice for now. His voice is androgynous.

His voice is provided by LaZ.


Cina is a humanoid gem-lifeform, inspired by the Gems in Houseki no Kuni.

He is sexless, but he consider himself as a man (he is in a way transgender).

In the story, he works as an assistant scientist and occasionally gives concerts.

His mains inspirations are Cinnabar and Padparadscha from HnK and Devola from the NieR games.


Cina is a sassy person, always acting like a big brother (even if it bother some persons). He has a big knowledge on robotic and loves music.

Favorites musics gender : Metal and Rock

Favorite colour : Red 


(Cina is pronounced "shina")

"Cina" is the diminutive of cinabre (french word for cinnabar). He have this name because of his body made in cinnabar.

Sometimes, people call him Shin or Shin-chan, in reference to the japanese word for cinnabar, Shinsha ( 辰砂 ).


Cina is pretty tall.

His gems hair are short, with a lock of hair across the face.

As a gem lifeform, he don't have skin. He use a powder to create the illusion of it.

Without it, he's literally a human shape stone of cinnabar.


Gaïa : Since he met her, he consider her like his little sister. They live together and he take care of her.

Music featuring Cina



-Work in progress-


Contact Cina :

On Twitter : @cfm_cina_eng

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On Twitter : @LunarCircus

On Youtube : LaZ


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