Personality: She is a himedere (acts like a princess, selfish, but actually cares about others and has a soft side). She always orders her brother, Hachizu, around and complains about almost everything. She likes expensive things (especially food), which makes more trouble for her brother, until one day he snapped. From that day on, her brother only cooks her simple dishes and she can't complain about it cause her brother becomes really scary when it comes down to money and food.


Hair color: Orange

Hair style: Short spiky back hair with long low twintails and ahoge

Eye color: Green

Voice configuration

Chizuha isn't by default, so you will need to set g-12 to get her.

Supports hiragana and romaji.


Usage Clauses

  • Credit ChiieruHimezuki if you use the voicebank.
  • Do not claim Chizuha as your own.
  • Do not pitch the voicebank into another characters which are not Chizuha or Hachizu.
  • Do not use Chizuha for illegal or offensive things.
  • Do not use for commercials.
  • Do not redistribute the voicebanks.
  • This voicebank is free, not for selling.
  • Put in her name if she's used in any of your works.


MikuMikuDance Model


MMD model by ChiieruHimezuki. 

Currently not available for download.

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