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Chiyoko Hibanane (Hibanane Chiyoko (火花音チヨコ)) is a voicebank for the UTAU and UTAU-Synth program.


Chiyoko was the third UTAU, after Aiko Kikyuune and Mathieu Rosaire, to be released under Project UTAU XYZ (now Studio VOXYZ).


While Chiyoko has a basic personality given to her by her creators, it is not "canon" information. She may be depicted in any way as long as it follows hers and the UTAU software's terms of use.

Chiyoko is soft-spoken, extremely polite, and intelligent. She enjoys afternoon tea and gardening, and she has a habit of quietly observing the interactions of others, while making offhand remarks about Aiko’s “unladylike” behavior. She has pyrokinetic abilities (ability to mentally control fire), which are amplified by the antennae on her headset.

Likes: tea, reading, tending her rose garden, teasing Aiko

Dislikes: being disturbed from her hobbies

Character Item: English teacup


  • 火花音 - Hibanane; "spark sound".
  • チヨコ - Chiyoko; a common female first name in Japan meaning "child of a thousand generations".


  • Hair color - Extremely long straight red hair, tied back in a ponytail, and blunt-cut bangs.
  • Headgear - Summary
  • Eye color - Same shade of red as hair.
  • Earphones - A black headset with mic. Each earphone has two antennae with glowing teal detailing.
  • Outfit - See concept and reference art for full details. Her PHOENIX design consists of a black choker, white cuffed jacket worn over a black crop top, and long black pants with red and teal detailing. In her DRAGON design, the jacket is worn off her shoulders and has a tattoo-like Eastern dragon printed on the back.


Product Information

Product Information
  Genre: Unannounced  Range: Unannounced  Tempo: Unannounced
  Input: Romaji encoded, romaji+kana aliased. EN supplements use proprietary phonemes.  Vowels: CV  System: Microsoft Windows and Mac OS
Package details as noted:
  • Voicebanks are primarily Japanese with added phonemes to extend basic English support.
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Additional information

Terms of Usage

  • terms of use detailing voicebank and character usage limitations can be found on the Studio VOXYZ website.


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