Chiko Yamada

(山田 千湖)

Name Meaning: Chiko (Thousand Lake) Yamada (Mountain Rice Paddy)

Gender Male Voice Range A#2~G5 Related Characters

Kein Yoshida (Brother)

Kamui Yoshida (Brother)

Age 23 Genre Homepage Main Page
Weight 48 kg (108 lb) Character Item Creator ReticentResolve

164 cm (5'4")

Voice Source ReticentResolve Picture Link List None
Birthday January, 5th Likes Birds, Cold Colours, Feathers, Big Cuddly Guys, Black Coffee, Trashy Romance Novels Media List Soundcloud
Release Date November 15th, 2015 Dislikes Intolerant People, Squid, Storms Signature Song
Personality: Chiko is the middle brother of his family. He has a tendency to lean

towards the dark and depressing, though secretly is a much kinder and simple person then he seems.

Random Facts:
  -Has a melanin deficiency.
  -He takes his coffee black after an incident in which his little brother added sour cream to it instead of half n half.
  -Got lost outside during a storm as a child. Now cuddles under a blanket with a stuffed cat.
  -Doesn't care for ice cream, but loves sherbet.
  -Is exceptionally good at zombie games.
  -Likes drawing macabre horror.
  -Knits things for his brothers.
  -Acts a bit like a mother hen.
  -Cannot cook for the life of him.
  -Like to sit in his older brother’s garden when he reads.




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