What is the Cheetahloids?

The Cheetahloids is a group of utaus all created by MikuMikuCheetah. they are always in good hands by there creators. They always have covers and art produced by there owners.


Whos In Charge Of The Cheetahloids?

Master: MikuMikuCheetah




Co Master: Pawspals44



3rd In Command: DemonDesho


Rules And Things About The Cheetahloids

Deviantart Group:

Each Cheetahloid has a number for purposes of tracking.

There are 2 Generations, The first gen composed in 2013 and the second gen composed in 2014

There are 30+ utaus. Each utau has a standerd CV bank with a good oto and voice.

Sinse this utau group has 30+ utaus in it, VCV will not be a common voicebank in this group, However we have a wide variety of voices and styles to choose from.

Each cheetahloid has a personal back story that expresses there personality. each back story may be mythical and connects to there attitude/personality. There backstorys all lead to them dying. They either die from literal death, or they die from extreme depretion and/or loss. After there death, they get the choice to a second life (reincarnation) .because of masters powers to reincarnate the dead. this deal includes food, water, and shelter. there only catch is to work as an utau to sing and dance on masters command (master is MikuMikuCheetah). they have to learn to get along with each other sinse they all live in the same house (the cheetahloid house) this couls cause drama and romance to occur along with new friend ships. ((lets just say me and my friends roleplay the situations that happen in the cheetahloid house and all the stuff we roleplay becomes canon in the cheetahloid story.))

Who Are The Cheetahloids

File:-The Cheetahloids- Te Te Te

There are 30+ utaus in this group and a wide variety to choose from! Please use one if would make me very happy!

01 Tesune Rizu

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