Overseas Utaus Tetete-0

Overseas Utaus Tetete-0

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The Cheetahloids

The Cheetahloids Are A Group Of 12 Utaus Created By MikuMikuCheetah.

The members include:

Tesune Rizu(female)- Finished voicebank

Utshi Utskii(female)- Finished voicebank

Desho Hiruni(Male)- Finished voicebank

Aki Atari(female)- Finished voicebank

Michi Yuko(female)- Finished voicebank

Tengoku Hyo(female)- Finished voicebank

Okami Koinu(male)- Finished voicebank

Supaka Hanashi(Male)- Finished voicebank

Kimyona Hikari(female)- Few letters recorded

Koi Machi(female)- Few letters recorded

Tasha Hari(female)- Few letters recorded

Mizu Mong(female)- Few letters recorded 

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