(Japanese: チャッター)


Chatter- [Of Middle English Origin] "Chatteren", (Verb) To utter rapid short sounds suggestive of language but inarticulately and indistinctly.




Rylan Mercier




Amelia Chandler

Lyra Winter

AGE 19 GENRE Rock, industrial, horror HOMEPAGE N/A
WEIGHT 121 lbs (54 kg) CHARACTER ITEM [N/A] CREATOR Machine
BIRTHDAY October 20, 1988 LIKES Anime, dimension-hopping, exploration, drawing MEDIA LIST YouTube
RELEASE DATE ACT1: October 24, 2013

ACT2: June 25, 2014

ACT3 (CV NORMAL-Retake and VCV NORMAL): December 15, 2018

DISLIKES Being reprimanded, behaving violently, police SIGNATURE SONG [N/A]
PERSONALITY: Despite his difficulty in communicating gracefully and his trouble recognizing emotions in others, he is highly expressive. His speech is blunt and jarring, coinciding with his blatant ineptitude with lying. While incredibly introverted and hosting an anxiety toward newcomers, he is also quick to form often obsessive attachments to others, and approaches friendship with absolute loyalty. His awkwardness and immaturity combined with his unsettling appearance and surreal behavior leave him with very few who he is able to call his friends.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Black
Headgear: [N/A]
Eye color: Red
Earphones: [N/A]
Dress/Outfit: Sweaters with matching socks, jeans, monochrome-heavy color coordination.
Others: An detachable metal voicebox connects to his throat through a triad of magenta, yellow, and cyan cords. The voicebox itself is approximately the size of a shoebox, and features limitless storage within. The front panel consists of four circular red lights and a red light bar beneath. His complexion is a pale, desaturated purple, although may at times be depicted as white or off-white.
Heritage/Race: Canadian/Liminal Geist


  • Chatter may also be referred to by his variants, which are typically named congruently to the color of his sweater. Each of these is considered to be a different Chatter with a unique storyline.
  • His throat box is not necessary for him to speak, although he expresses a preference for it .
  • Chatter is on the Autism spectrum and suffers from schizophreniform disorder.
  • His throat box does not require his mouth to move in order to articulate speech and singing. The lights upon the front panel of the brighten and dim according to the strength of vocal input.

Voice Configuration and Voicebank Distribution

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