Slavik UTAU group is a bunch of russian speaking UTAU makers.

The main idea was to unite russian speaking UTAU makers at first place, but as soon as UTAU fandom began to get it's fame among little children in Russia, Ukrain and other russian speaking countries, Slavik members decided not to accept anyone in their group anymore, exept people whom they know well, since every member of Slavik must be skilled enough to work with UTAU, and little newbies could not handle with this requirement. Right now Slavik consists of 8 members and 17 utauloids.

There were some issues about the name of the group. Some overseas thought that "Slavik" is written incorrectly and it must be "Slavic". Though the main idea of the name is the following: english word "Slavic" and russian name "Slavik" sounds and pronounce absolutely in the same way. So, the name means, at first place, that it is a group of slavs UTAU users (to be more correct, eastern slavs, which includes Russia, Ukraine and Belorussia), and the second, "Slavik" is a interpretation of the russian name "Slava" (Слава), which if you will translate into English means "glory", "fame", "reputation" and so on.

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