Rvelvoid is an independent project run by RottenVelvet. She makes her own voicebanks and illustrations for the characters labelled under this name.


Eiji Nazo and Eima Nazo were initially private vocals but were later released and listed under the "WhiterLoid" name before it was changed to "Rvelvoid" on July 22, 2017. Ike Kei was added to the label in the same year.

"Rvelvoid" (pronounced: Ru-vel-void) was stated to mean "RottenVelvet UTAU(loids)".

Rvelvoid affiliated with JAE VOCAL PROJECT and StarRise Project on December 2, 2018.



Eiji Nazo and Ike Hirai have official Twitter accounts. These are used for fan interaction and roleplaying.

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