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Art for "Sweet Float Flats" with all of ProjectROUGE. Please note that the designs for JAUNE and VIOLETTE are slightly different from their usual outfits, and the rest have had their hair "human-ified".


ProjectROUGE is a series of UTAUloids created by Asparagus based on the names of the colours in French. Curently six have been released, with another CVVC English bank in development.

Their country of origin is Canada.

More information is availible at the ProjectROUGE blog:


The creator can be contacted in the following places:

UTAforum (User: Asparagus)

Youtube (User: Asparagusunited321)

VocaloidOtaku (User: Asparagus)



Rulse of Usage

As with most UTAUloids, you may not use them for anything political, religious (not including mainstream carols), or otherwise offensive. Please ask before using them for anything sexual (The creator insists that is it her duty to do that kind of thing with them but may grant exceptions.)

Do not claim them as your own or re-release them unless you have been granted permission.

Do not use them for commercial work without permission.

Art drawn by the ceator (as found on her DeviantART) may be used for any videos they are in, provided the art is not claimed to be drawn by anyone but her.

Apart from VERT (Who is cannonically in a relationship with Ribu Oishiine), they may be paired in anyway together or with other UTAU; however, if you wish to make it canon please contact the creator first.


This may be (and usually is) disregarded completely because it doesn't really matter. You may follow it is you wish but it isn't necessary at all.


Creator name: Nigel Birchfeild

VERT was not originally created by Nigel; He was originally intended to be a spy android however became conscious of this and escaped the government facility where he was being held. However, he over exerted himself and Nigel found him broken. Nigel took him home and re-furbished him, integrating him into his android family.

Apart from VERT , the other androids are being created as prototypes for a line or androids due to be released to the public, created by Nigel with the help of his development team (although apart from testing and some minor programming Nigel does most of the work it seems.) The androids live in his lab on the outskirts of the city.

Due to a programming glitch, after a certain length of time the androids begin to develop self awareness and a capacity for emotion. However, if left unchecked they will eventually descend into violence and break down. So far, ORANGE, ROUGE and VERT have displayed characteristics of this, though ROUGE and VERT are in earlier stages, while ORANGE is fairly far along. With the help of Ribu Oishiine and Josh Martin (non UTAU), Nigel is working to slow this process.

Ribu Oishiine is Nigel's nephew and apretence. He has two sisters, Hamu and Suteki (their father, who raised them after their mother went missing, was very excentric.) He met VERT at a company party, then had him enrolled in his school under the excuse of it being a good research opprotunity.

Sierra Birchfield is Ribu 's mother and Nigel's sister. She works for the agency which created VERT and is tasked with bringing him back at any cost. She is later killed by ROUGE and Josh Martin.

Josh Martin is ROUGE 's boyrfirend. He is the fifth child in a family of vampires. Despite being a daywalker, he spends most of his time indoors and often partakes in computer programming. He is later hired by Nigel. ROUGE has a tendency to display Yangire characteristics around him (due to the glitch) and often accompanies him on hunts, leading to his nickname for her: his "Blood Red Robot".

>Note on Josh: He actually has a voicebank in developement, though there is no schedualed release date. Cocept art for him can be found here

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