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UTAUloids with both encodings in their voicebanks, or voicebanks for both kana and romaji encodings; present in UTAUloid with triphonic/VCV phonemes and multi-language UTAUloids, as well as voicebanks converted to romaji by the authors themselves.

UTAUloids designed for just one language may be classified as Mixed encoded if their voicebanks contain romaji/english-based filenames, so read their language capability carefully.

If the UTAUloid has both a Romaji AND a Kana encoded voicebank in separate archives, the UTAUloid should be categorized both as Romaji and Kana encoded UTAUloid. If the character is Romaji-based but contains Kana-encoded / VCV voice samples, it is considered a Mixed-encoded voicebank.

Case 1: An UTAUloid has both a Romaji and Kana version of his/her voicebank for download. This should not be tagged as Mixed encoded. It should be tagged with both kana and romaji encoded voicebank.

Case 2: An UTAUloid supports only one language, but is encoded in Romaji, but his/her VCV / Triphone voicebanks are encoded in Kana, archived together in one file. This should be tagged as Mixed encoded.

Case 3: If the UTAUloid has a special voicebank in a separate archive that contains purely Triphone/VCV samples, but has a previously-released Mixed encoded voicebank, it should be tagged both Mixed encoded (for the original release) and Kana encoded (for the VCV/Triphone voicebank).

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