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*Chennille Galvan (Christine Gale)
*Chennille Galvan (Christine Gale)
*Roxiel Chua (Lucian Proema/Lyle Tomaso)
*Roxiel Chua (Lucian Proema/Lyle Tomaso)
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MANGAloids are technically UTAUloids taken care of byxmegaminoaix (YouTube) or Shaman-Hearts (deviantArt).

Main Producer/Voice Provider: Aloe Deala (Aliciané)

Co-producers/Requested Voice Providers:

  • Althea Deala (Licorice/Linden Evans)
  • Arielle Cruz (Artemis von Crux)
  • Chennille Galvan (Christine Gale)
  • Roxiel Chua (Lucian Proema/Lyle Tomaso)

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