JAE VOCAL PROJECT is a collaborative group of voicebank developers, illustrators, musicians, and voice providers.


In 2014, Migi, Purpled, Mina.Ki, and TraInspud began working on their own UTAU projects. Migi had three adopted original characters that were in the process of receiving redesigns and voicebanks, Purpled was working on a project known as "Rachel", Mina.Ki worked on one called "Bridget", and TraInspud was producing "JD". These projects were not originally meant to be a series nor related to each other. The first two UTAUs, Xiao Meihua and Ser0, were released individually. Suggestions for the series name were being discussed after Meihua's release in 2016 and was not finalized until late 2017, long after Ser0's release.

It was not until January 2018 that the group listed all of their UTAUs under one name: "JAE UTAU PROJECT". An official website was launched on January 9, listing Meihua as JAE-01 and Ser0 as JAE-02 respectively. New characters would be given codenames based on release order.

At some point, JAE UTAU PROJECT members sought out affiliates to collaborate with. Their first two affiliates were Tora☆Ouji with Pinku and Preuss with kEna. In 2018, Preuss was officially added as a new member of JAE UTAU PROJECT, thus making kEna a JAE UTAU character as well. kEna was Preuss's unreleased UTAU who was created in 2011 and was later released in May 2020 as JAE-06.

In late 2018, JAE UTAU PROJECT affiliated with Rvelvoid, StarRise Project, and StarGamer01's Reicheru Nintone. On December 20, it was noted that bajucy, Meihua's voicebank developer for Mandarin Chinese, departed the group.[1]

On July 17, 2019, after the release of DeepVocal, "JAE UTAU PROJECT" was renamed to "JAE VOCAL PROJECT" to include voicebanks for the newly released voice synthesizer.[2]



JAE VOCAL PROJECT strives to commission third party works, such as an MMD and Lipsync models, of their characters.

Official Miis of the characters were made available on the website.[3]

On February 7, 2019, an official twitter was opened,[4] followed by a SoundCloud account on March 27.[5] On April 21, the group opened an official Storenvy to host merchandise.[6] On June 9, 2020, an official Redbubble was announced.[7]


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