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Fractured hope co. is a group of utau-users, who create a group of utau, draws arts and write the story for them.


Fractured hope co. was a project, created under Sabishi-i's pressure after the main Sightseed's project, BJM, cancelled its existence without any plans to return. Project was made mainly with goal to keep working with UTAU and not letting collect dust to those UTAU characters which Sightseed and Sawaranaide already had at that moment.
So, for now Fractured hope are closed group of members from Belarus, and includes 3 active members (Sightseed, Sawaranaide and Sabishii) and 3 inactive members (ChornayaDrakoshig, Dima Tumaly, Nuigurumi666 and SoraFan810). Active members create art, covers, video and do technical support of voicebanks. Incative members are just authors/owners of UTAUs, which were included in FH project and depends on technical support from active members of FH.
There was another member, Hikk-kun, but due to the quarrel with Sightseed and his obscene behavior in general, he's is no longer member of the project, like his main UTAUs.





Other (private, planned and so)


Fractured hope co. prefers to do all possible work on their own, including covers, illustrations, MMD and Lipsync models of their characters. But it doesn't mean that they refuse any third party works with their character.
Previously (when Hikk-kun was a member of project) there was even a try in gamedev, but for now project of game with Avier A as main hero is abandoned, and only short demo of it is available on FH site. [1]
There was also an RPG game with Emmanuel Morph as main hero, but from another game developer. [2]

Work of group can be followed on their YouTube channel [3] or profiles of members on deviantart.


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