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Bankon Jam Media is a "Foster's Home for Forgotten UTAUs".

Still keep working, still making arts, still making stories, still making UTAUs...


BJM was created on July 15, 2014 by Sightseed (formerly emoPaladin) and HClO-P, and at its start included fanloid voices. The start name of the group was "БаНКа ДжЕмА", an acronym from first letters of names of characters, which were included in project.[1]

After about two years of its exitstence huge update begun - they started to search for real voicegivers for characters of project, to make them UTAU (and to make them somewhat legal, to tell the truth). When HClO-P worked with UTAU program slowly and got some experience, Sightseed did one stupid thing: they started to move as many of their characters as they can into UTAU.

Due to the fact that Sightseed was lack of experience, those voicebanks was lack of quality, and BJM become a "meme" in russian-speak community. A meme, which meant something like "quantity above quality".

Last drop of Sightseed's patience was Orexov's betrayal (he almost made laughs on BJM behind the back). Then Sightseed had to talk with HClO-P, and brought a decision to cancel project at all. Long break begun at 17:21, 27 of July 2017.

Whole 2018 members spent working separately, until Sightseed decided that they are brave enough to return.[2] They also sent invites to SoraFan810[3] and FabulousRandall[4], who gladly accepted them and joined BJM. At the same time Sabishi-i invites Nuigurumi666[5].

So, Bankon Jam Media project was oficially revived on May 15, 2019 with decision to keep working for their own pleasure and fun. Also through long time of the project existence a joke about "Foster's Home for Forgotten UTAUs" became kinda true - for now it counts 143 UTAUs and 26 derivatives.

03 of June, 2020 logo of BJM was slightly updated by Sightseed.
Previous logo included name of project, motto, blue moon, glassy jar with jam and a butterfly; all mentioned items were colored in representative parts of a project. Symbolism of previous emblem was pretty simple - blue moon was a reference to motto[6], which was used with sence "sometimes we'll do ok", jar with jam was a reference to the start name of project, and butterfly was added just with goal to add needed colours.
2020 logo has much more symbolism: glassy jar was changed to Hatori's amulet[7] with a rope as a symbol of connection, a reference to Fractured Hope Co. appears, a butterfly is now fully golden and became a symbol of fragile moments of success. Fonts, used for project name and motto, were also changed with goal to show "fast moving" and "flow of ideas". 

04 of September, 2020 Sightseed quit their activities and transferred rights for their UTAUs to Sabishi-i and Sawaranaide with remark that they'll still may use them (co-ownership, in other words). Nevertheless, Sightseed is still a founder of BJM and member of project.
17 of September, 2020 FabulousRandall left the project.
19 of September, 2020 RitaLeader joined the project.





Kirano-Heta Phantom

Dima Tumaly








Bankon Jam Media prefers to do all possible work on their own, including covers, illustrations, MMD and Lipsync models of their characters. But it doesn't mean that they refuse any third party works with their character.
Previously (when Hikk-kun was a member of project) there was even a try in gamedev, but for now project of game with Avier A as main hero is abandoned, and only short demo of it is available on FH site. [8]
There was also an RPG game with Emmanuel Morph as main hero, but from another game developer. [9]

Work of group can be followed on FH YouTube channel [10] or profiles of members on deviantart.


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  2. 08 of April 2019 a message "STAY TUNED" appeared on BJM wikia.
  3. April 12, 2019 - SoraFan810 joins BJM
  4. May 28, 2019 - FabulousRandall joins BJM
  5. May 15, 2019 - Nuigurumi joins BJM
  6. But originally blue color was picked for it just as reference that Kaj Llingvam is "the main figure of project" at all, and most of (at least Sightseed's) attention will always go to him. And motto apperared after, to slightly approve this element with something else.
  7. So, probably, now liquid at the emblem is not a jam, and totally can mean "fresh blood" (new members).
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