Known Issues

  • OTO.ini repeats itself, and will be redesigned soon (Mar. 7th, 2017).
  • OTO.ini sometimes doesn't transfer into Windows properly, and may even be deleted accidentally (Mar. 7th, 2018).
  • Some notes don't finish themselves (Mar. 7th, 2018).


  • Carter's Design is commissioned and will soon have (actually good) art (Mar. 7th, 2018).
  • Total Voicebank makeover planned as of Aug. 26, 2017.
  • Voicebank Files Update and Configuration: (Feb. 5th, 2017)

Supplemental Information

  • Under Development

Voicebank Releases

Updated and more recent versions are Recommended. 

Usage Clause

  • Don't use any of Carter's contents to create/distribute another voicebank/UTAUloid.
  • No gender bends please.
  • No commercial use without owner's permission.
  • No political criticism.
  • No racist acts.
  • Rated 18+ Content allowed.
  • Please credit if Carter is used in any way in any commercial, song, etc.
  • Do not take credit for anything using Carter that is not yours, including Carter itself.

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