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Cangqiong (苍穹) was a private Chinese character who initially had beta vocals for UTAU prior to her release on Synthesizer V.

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On November 13, 2017, the head of Beijing Photek S&T Development Co., Ltd., Ddickky, noted that people seem to think that Xingchen was easy to manage because she was the company’s only VOCALOID. He mentioned that he wanted to try to "have five to take care of" to see how challenging it was to manage more characters and asked fans to "stay tuned". This seemingly hinted that there may be additional characters aside from Xingchen in the future.[1] Later that month, it was mentioned that because Beijing Photek wanted to save money to produce content, some big news would be announced at Quadimension Live Tour rather than at a separate conference. This included new merchandise, new official art, and if there was time, new games or voicebanks. It was not specified if these voicebanks were for Xingchen or for any new characters. Details about the announcement are currently unknown.[2]


On April 14, 2018, Ddickky mentioned that the names and designs of the fire, earth, and air characters were decided. While it was not stated what this refers to, it is possible that these characters may be part of Xingchen and Haiyi's series.[3]

On November 9, Haiyi mentioned some "younger sisters", possibly referring to the other elemental characters within the series though not explicitly confirmed.[4]

On December 23, a new character for the series was shown as a silhouette. Her name was confirmed to be Cangqiong and was based on the element of air.[5] A chibi bust illustration drawn by Fengye was shown on her official omamori.[6]


On January 22, 2019, a lineup of upcoming projects was shown. Cangqiong was slated to debut on February 3.[7] Her full design was revealed on February 2 and was confirmed to be illustrated by Kurumimi. A cover of "Túláo de Ài zhī Měishàonǚ" was announced to be in production as well as "D!slodge", an original song.[8]

On March 28, Ddickky posted on weibo that Cangqiong, Chiyu, Shian, two Xingchen voicebanks, and an unknown male voice were moving over to Synthesizer V.[9] Cangqiong was released for Synthesizer V on July 9.[10]

On July 13, it was noted that Cangqiong's voicebank usage up to the "Fairyland" album did not use Synthesizer V but a different voice synthesizer entirely.[11] Napstina later confirmed this to be UTAU.[12]


Cangqiong is 18 years old and 175cm tall.

For Cangqiong's logo, a shape known as the octahedron is present next to her name and is part of the sixth stroke in the "苍" character. In the spiritual meaning of Metatron's Cube, the octahedron represents air, which influenced her design, name, and concept.[13]

In March 2019, Cangqiong was revealed to be part of the Medium⁵ cast and was one of the girls who derived from a single being known as ZERO who possessed Metatron's Cube.[14] She is listed as a Taurus.[15]

According to the Dreamtonics website, Cangqiong is said to value logic even though she is willing to look the other way. No matter what she might say, she makes sure to never sound harsh. Her kindness permeates from her calm soothing voice.[16]


Cāngqióng (苍穹) means "the blue dome of heaven", "heavens", or "sky".[17] Individually, cāng (蒼) means "blue" or "green" while qióng (穹) means "arch", "dome", or "elevated".

Her name is rendered in Kana as "ツァンチォン".[16]


Cangqiong has a butterfly motive for her design.


  • Chiyu - Younger Sister.
  • Xingchen - Younger sister.
  • Haiyi - Younger Sister.
  • Shian - Younger Sister.
  • ZERO - Originator.

Voicebank distribution

Voicebank Reclist Range Description DL
Mandarin 1.0 CVVC F#3~A#5 "Cangqiong's beta UTAU vocal was used to showcase the upcoming character and was only for private use. The voicebank was produced by Napstina (Haru.jpg) and used Hr.J's reclist." Private; Retired

Voice details

  • Input - Unknown
  • System - Microsoft Windows
  • Optimum - Genre: Unknown Tempo: Unknown
  • Details - Unlike her sister, Haiyi, Cangqiong only had one confirmed voicebank produced for UTAU as a beta. It was never released for public use, meaning only Napstina and other members of Beijing Photek have access to it. Since Cangqiong's development and release for Synthesizer V, the UTAU voicebank was retired.
  • Issues - As Cangqiong was a private vocal on UTAU, not much is known about the issues of her voicebank. However, Napstina noted that the voicebank was lacking some samples (particularly the VC parts).

Voice samples

Additional information


Throughout her time as an UTAU, Cangqiong received various merchandise, though not nearly as much as Haiyi given that she was revealed nearly a year later. This included keychains, phone straps, omamori, and an original album: "Fairyland".

Cangqiong was later introduced as one of the members of Medium⁵ and received a Synthesizer V release in July 2019. Since then, her UTAU vocal was no longer used, though it is possible for PVs using this vocal may appear later on. However, it is also likely that it may be replaced with or a succeeding version may be created using the Synthesizer V versions.


  • Cangqiong was the second of Xingchen's sisters to be revealed but was the third to be released on Synthesizer V.
  • Cangqiong was also the first Chinese UTAU to later be released on Syntheszier V.
  • She is the eldest sister.
  • Her birthday is May 20.


As a character, Cangqiong was well-liked within the Chinese fandom. As a mature vocalist, her voicetype was unique as there were not many mature female Chinese vocals, especially within commercially-released engines such as VOCALOID. As an UTAU (and later Synthesizer V vocal), she was more popular compared to the mature-sounding female Chinese VOCALOIDs, Mo Qingxian and Zhang Chuchu, with the latter especially being at a disadvantage due to her associations with Shanghai Wangcheng Information Technology Co. Ltd. and exclusive release. With the release of her Synthesizer V vocals, more users utilized her vocals in comparison, making Cangqiong the most notable of her voicetype.

Her relations to Xingchen and Haiyi at the time also helped with her popularity as they were marketed together in merchandise and albums. However, because she was revealed nearly a year after Haiyi and only released as a Synthesizer V about seven months later, Cangqiong did not have nearly as much as Haiyi did in merchandise and albums for UTAU.


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