CUSL-01: Hana Sakura

CUSL-01:はなさくら (Hana Sakura(花桜)) is a Voicebank for the UTAU Program


CUSL-01: Hana Sakura Used to be a Part of SAKURA Project, After the Person who took The Project Down, HanatheNeko, Had Remade the Voicebank, She Rebranded it As SAKURA Labs, And Renamed the Voicebank to CUSL-01: Hana Sakura. (was previously know as Hana Sakura.)


Hana's Canon Personality was previously A Kind Robotic Maid, But after switching to Phase 2 (Chaotic) Had become a Stuck-up Robotic Brat. She Identifies as an Asexual. (Has no Sexual Attraction.) Any Other Details of Hana's Personality can be made, but will be considered as Headcanon, unless adopted by HanatheNeko. Has a Pet Owl named Akuma, Meaning Demon in Japanese. Likes: World Domination, Owls, Spicy Food, Cake, MURDER, Knives, Machine Guns..? and Death. Dislikes: Happiness, Angels, Humans, Men specifically, Life, and Emotions. (for some odd reason.)


Her Outfit Consists of a Navy-Blue Hoodie, A Saturated Red Dress, Non-removable Boots, And Robotic Parts. The Body itself Has Demon Horns, a thin tail, and Knee-length Black Hair.

Product Information

Recording Type: CV

Additional information

Terms of Use

This Voicebank is not to be used for R-18 works, Due to Fact that the Canon age is Under 18, and any work that is R-18 that the voicebank is used for, will be considered child pornography, and WILL be reported.

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