UTAU infobox|name = CHRISTO|name2 = クリスト|type = UTAU|model = ver0.0.2.0 (CORE Japanese)|gender = Female or user-defined|voice_range = Varies per bank|age = User-defined|creator = Tomato Hentai|height = User-defined|voice_source = Tomato Hentai|likes = User-defined|dislikes = User-defined}}CHRISTO is a work in progress voicebank for UTAU and other synths E.G. Festival and Sharpkey which will be freely available for commercial use when released.

Voicebank Distribution

CHRISTO currently doesn't have any voicebanks available. Please see the "Planned Voicebanks" section below for information on which voicebanks are planned or being worked on.

Planned Voicebanks

CHRISTO's planned voicebanks are as follows. Voicebanks currently being worked on are marked in bold, and unlikely voicebanks will be marked in italics. Other voicebanks may be added to the list later on down the line. "CORE" is the name of natural banks, and "APACHE TEARS" is the name of melodic death metal/screamo banks.

  • English - CORE | Vocal Fry | APACHE TEARS | Speak
  • Japanese - CORE | Vocal Fry
  • French - CORE | Vocal Fry
  • Esperanto - CORE | Vocal Fry | Speak

Terms of Use

Although CHRISTO is far from being finished, an early draft of her terms of use is available here. Please note that anything written there is not final, and is likely subject to change before initial release of any voicebanks, UTAU or otherwise.

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