"私は自分で選択する必要があります。 (I will have to make my own choices.)"

Blade OX (ブレード OX) is a voicebank for the UTAU program.


Blade was created on November 3rd, 2018. He doesn't have much history to him at the moment, but, Blade's creator wanted to make a dark/ deep looking character who loves knives. His old design featured a black hooded zip up jacket with pockets in the front, black pants(that appear to be ripped on the thighs), and black converse shoes with the name "Nathaniel X", that was soon changed to his current design, as well as an added knife. He does not kill people and he does not have blood on his knife, he only uses it for a character item. He was originally going to be based off the creators story and personality but some of his story was what the creator went threw. This UTAU was created when the owner was 13 and also voiced his 1st VB at that age later then changed his name and design at age 14, his voicebanks and story/personality is still in development. Fun Facts:He was originally going to have a black scar shaped tattoo vertically across his eye but it was cancelled by the designer/creator. He can also go cross-eyed(it tends to weird some people out like this friends and he can do it on purpose but when he's talking to someone normally it can happen accidentally,he doesn't wear glasses like he's supposed to). His favorite soda drinks are Coca Cola,Sprite,Pepsi,Orange and Strawberry Fanta.


/Hello so before you start reading, I just want you to know that there might be some topics in here that others do not find pleasant so if your sensitive to specific topics please do not read or complain to me about what I put in here. Thank you and enjoy(or not).\Personality:Blade is happy but most of the time he's not. Blade has Intellectual Disability(High Functioning)like his creator his disorder affects his mood and speech(has great speech but kinda stutters and pronounces words differently sometimes), he was diagnosed at a young age because of his schools and parents knew his behavior wasn't right. He was also diagnosed with allergies and asthma(which didn’t seem to affect him). When he was little he would have anger outbursts and would throw things,kick and be aggressive to someone or himself. Blade doesn't really like talking about his feelings but will only tell his close friends. He doesn't really like talking in public or around friends until he feels comfortable,he talks with a deep low tone. He can be mad at everyone and ignore your messages and calls. Blade wanted to become an utauloid singer so he took singing lessons(even though his voicebank still sounds kinda bad and his backstory doesn't really have anything to do with him being a singer but he wants to leave all that in the past). He loves his friends but his most favorite friend is Ashlyn Wallace 2S. He prefers to be alone in a relationship. Blade is human but the creator was thinking of naming his robot design "Blade OX", they are still thinking of changing his name. In his elementary school years he was bullied not all the time but some days, towards the end in 5th grade he was a bad trouble maker, this lead him on to the friends he had who were trouble makers too, in middle school he went to counseling because of what he had told his teacher in 6th grade was concerning for her so he started going more in 7th and 8th grade,he is now in high school 9th grade and is thinking about dropping out in 10th. As a child he experienced a bit of trauma. His family is unknown. He has a cat(doesn't have a name)they are friends and she loves him a lot! Most of the time Blade is on his phone 24/7 and when she wants to be petted is when he gets off just to give her some love time. He used to see things at night that were shadows of people, he thought he was still asleep but knew he wasn't and it was real life..he never told anyone about it expect his counselors but they didn't know what to think..he says he mostly sees male figures standing staring at him from the dark, since then he sometimes thinks people are out to get him. What he does in his free time is just be on his phone watching YouTube videos,Being on Discord and Facebook. Even though he is quiet in real life,around other people..he still is hyper,jumpy,laughing and having a good time on YouTube videos and by close friends. He is one of the characters in both MMD comic series called 'The Evil Awakens 2' and 'Exomonster's Revenge' on DeviantArt but is not owned by anyone else other than Nathaniel Velasquez(UTAUloid Blade OX). Blades V2 design features a Kagamine look. His favorite utaus are:Utaune Kuru,Waltt,Cerif,Denki Sai and Marshy. ACT1 CV Voicebank DL:https://drive.google.com/file/d/14rpgjmD7_BzOoSAntgR65coKQu2BWheW/view Lana-chan Original Blade OX MMD Model DL:http://www.mediafire.com/file/0tf8nxadq7x4sk4/TDA_Blade_OX.rar/file SenseiBoredom Blade OX Fanmade MMD Model DL:https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jhqKHWigKHDbiXa9hTGDHhatuGsrsu-j/view?usp=sharing Sweetz Blade OX ACT2/V2 MMD Model DL:https://www.mediafire.com/file/lhfwkegn967vd17/Blade_OX.zip/file (Lana-chan Original Model Date:January 27, 2020/SenseiBoredom Fanmade Model Date:October 3, 2020/Sweetz ACT2/V2 Model Date:March 6, 2021) First cover:[1] Second cover + Old Unfixed VB:[2] Third cover + New Fixed VB:[3] Do NOT pitch voicebank. Do NOT use his voicebank or model in any sexual nudity. Do NOT use his voicebank for hate on talkloid. Yes he can have fanart of his genderbend. Yes he can say a few curse words on talkloid. Yes you can use him for an original song but credit UTAUloid Blade OX for the voicebank and utau(I want to be known as that not my main channel "this is a channel hi" or my real name "Nathaniel Velasquez")

  • Likes - Singing. Dancing. Drawing. Listening to music(Favorite Genres:Rock,Remix,Emotional). Playing. Hugging people. Sweets. Cooking(only things he can make). Morning. Gray rainy days. Staying up all night. Watching the sunrise. Playing on his phone. Talking to friends. Vocaloids(Miku,Lily,Luka,Mayu,Gumi). Coffee. Playing Minecraft,FNAF and Among Us(also enjoys watching videos or animations of them). Knives. Sweet Tea. Cats. Robots. Trying new experiments to invent(always wanted to be an inventor when he was little). Nice people.
  • Dislikes - Loud people. People calling him crazy,creepy,emo,weird,weirdo or edgy. Being touched. Night(kinda likes it but thinks its boring). People bothering him in a bad mood. Haters. Dii Doodle. Rude people. Being close or on high places. Being alone with overwhelming thoughts.
  • Items - Pouch(For:Knife,Phone,FNAF Plushes and other things he likes taking with him on the go).


  • ブレード - Blade - A Knife.
  • OX - Robotic Name.


  • Headphones - Dark purple with X's on each side.
  • Hair accessory - None.
  • Hair color - Navy blue.
  • Eye color - Crimson red.
  • Outfit - Fanmade design has:Light grey turtle neck sweater with blue shorts, black knee-high socks that appear to be ripped, and navy blue boots matching the hair. Original design has:Dark grey turtle neck sweater with buttons going up the neck and pockets in the front, skinny black jeans with black shoes that has navy blue on the bottom.


Voice Configuration

ACT1 CV:Released ACT2 CV:Soon

Additional Information


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