Bentek head colored

(Japanese: 的確音ベネディクト - てきかくねべねでぃくと - Tekikakune Benedikuto)
的確音 (Tekikakune; Precise Sound) - Basically, it is my precise sound
TYPE: English UTAUloid

C3-C4 (He can reach just about what I can reach, but he doesn't really need to strain. And he can reach C5 on the scale, but he shouldn't always have to if he is set to C3.)


Ongaku Tsukiomi (One of many inspirers)

Neko Kanochi (The first UTAUloid to inspire BenTek to become his own)

Chandler (Best friend)

Ryan Moriyama (A person he wishes to duet with)

Mathieu Rosaire (Yet another UTAUloid that he wishes to duet with and aspires to become as great as he is)

AGE 16 (Because it's my current age as well, so he's me) GENRE Whatever fits his voice best (Nothing much to explain) HOMEPAGE NONE
WEIGHT 180 lbs (82 kg) (Meh...I'm pretty heavy, but I don't look big either) CHARACTER ITEM Dogtags (I wear them, and because I got them along with my best friend helping me choose it) CREATOR MewLovesChocolate on Youtube
HEIGHT 5'8" (173 cm) (He's about my size, but he feels as if he's either stopped growing or is getting shorter) VOICE SOURCE MewLovesChocolate on Youtube (It's me, but yeah^^) PICTURE LINK LIST CONCEPT ART, PIAPRO, PIXIV, DEVIANT ART, GOOGLE IMAGE, PHOTOBUCKET
BIRTHDAY October 2, 1995 (About the same as mine...) LIKES His best friend(because he's awesome!), chocolate, candy, food, drinks, mostly a lot of things, and being happy (It's just his nature matches mine) MEDIA LIST NICO NICO DOUGA, YOUTUBE
RELEASE DATE 2012 DISLIKES Being rejected or made fun of, being neglected, not being noticed, brusselsprouts, rotten food, bad stuff, and people who act mushy towards his best friend (It matches mine yet again) SIGNATURE SONG
PERSONALITY: Overall, a fun-loving person who tried his best to hang out with his friends and especially his best friend. He hates being late and loves being really early. He loves the Clarinet and drums and thinks drumming is more of a passion, but is more adept at playing clarinet. He feels sad and happy mostly and if his best friend isn't at school, he gets really depressed. He's always excited when he gets to spend time with his best friend. Plus, they've known each other since about the beginning of his 9th grade year, so they've been pretty close for about 6-7 months now.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Black
Headgear: White, blue, and blue-green
Eye color: Brown
Earphones: White, blue, and blue-green
Dress/Outfit: A grey coat over a black shirt that covers his arms halfway, and intricate designs included on there as well. Also, an intricate design within the sleeves, and a clarinet pendant. Along with a belt, black pants with grey pockets and a design included in shades of blue-green, and blue-greenish shoes

Music Style: Basically, any music style is singable for his voice, but he mostly likes fast and recent songs
Bentek colored

Nationality/Race: American-Asian

Voice Configuration

It's pretty basic, but seems kinda hard to use since his notes are the same as VOCALOID Big Al's sounds. He can speak all that Big Al can speak, but he needs more japanese sounds to truly be bilingual, but starts off as English.

He's recently had a voicebank improvement for release, plus a new overall design, but can't quite be released just yet until he has been oto.inied. He has many new demos on MewLovesChocolate's Youtube account containing what he now sounds like.

The creator of the character has claimed that while Benedicto Tekikakune has yet to be released, he shall hopefully sound like a more matured english utau male. Plans for others are being created, but BenTek shall indefinitely be released first.

EDIT(by the creator): He is under an indefinite hiatus at the moment, but he shall definitely return in the future. His voicebank will be configured as a more proper English bank, as well as owning a more proper Japanese bank. They shall be separate, in the same vein as his utau brother Tanoshi Wakaine, but BenTek may support even more sounds.

Most details are made by the owner, but those who edit him need to make it approved by either MewLovesChocolate on Youtube, LighttheChao on DeviantArt, NotAnExpert1 on Piapro, or ChocoRabbit21 on NicoNicoDouga.

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