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(Japanese: ベリーニ / 'Berīni)


BELLINI: (Italian) Beautiful little one.


SoNo (Friend, housemate and drinking buddy.)

Fiifii (Mutated clone.)

WEIGHT 109 lbs (49.4kg) CHARACTER ITEM Fruit Punch CREATOR SombraShadow
HEIGHT 5ft. 2in (157.5 cm) VOICE SOURCE SombraShadow PICTURE LINK LIST

Scoll down for concept art.

BIRTHDAY March 23 LIKES Talking, stringy objects, rice crackers, fruit punch, napping, horror movies, salad with dressing, video games, pulling pranks, SoNo's kindness, SoNo's boobs, the song "Chocolate Rain", singing. MEDIA LIST SOUNDCLOUD
RELEASE DATE March 23, 2015 DISLIKES Being told to shut up, getting in trouble, tamarinds, salad with no dressing, raisins, tight clothes, unfriendly people, SoNo's time of the month, SoNo's grouchiness, SoNo's snarky comments, SoNo's rudeness in general. SIGNATURE SONG KISEKAE
She has odd features that appear rabbit or catlike. It is unknown where she originally came from or where she was born. She refuses to mention anything about her origins. She was once the main attraction of a local freak show. Bellini was known as The Uncanny Cabbit Girl. She escaped after someone lock picked her holding cell door allowing her to escape but deeming her homeless. Bellini eventually met SoNo in the streets and started living with her as a housemate after SoNo felt compassion for her. Despite all of the trouble Bellini is very happy. She has a soft sounding voice but has the manners of a parrot. She always has something particular to say which can get her into trouble. She is very talkative and extremely observant. Sometimes to a fault. However, she has a friendly and sweet personality.

Character Design

Updated bellini

Hair color: Short pink hair.

Headgear: None, but she has long droopy ears.

Eye color: Orange cat like eyes. May appear red sometimes.

Earphones: None

Shirt: Wears soft white linen wraps around her body. Reddish pink short sleeved hoodie, loose and baggy pants.

Pants:  Reddish brown baggy pants that are wide in the legs 

Feet: Dark red boot on her left foot. Uses a right prosthetic leg.

Accessories: Wears a cross shaped band-aid on her face for good luck. Has a  heart shaped tattoo on her belly.

Extras Sharp claw-like fingers. She also has a short stubby tail.

Race: Puerto Rican/Cabbit

Voice Configuration

  • Bellini's recommended resampler is the default resampler.
  • To increase the clarity in her voice, set flags to Y0H10V70.
  • Can sing in Japanese, Spanish and Italian.

Voicebank Downloads



Bellini's voicebank can be downloaded as a zip or rar file for convenience.


  • Lost her leg in a freak accident while performing.
  • Her prosthetic leg is part of an old chair.
  • It is unknown as to who unlocked her cage.
  • SoNo gets blamed for it for some reason...
  • Bellini has claustrophobia.
  • Has a habbit of collecting things of very stringy nature and wears it.
  • Almost choked to death by wrapping herself with yarn.
  • Brags about supposedly making the best fruit punch in the world.
  • Has an extreme crush on SoNo.
  • She is very clumsy.
  • She is also vegetarian.

Planned Voicebanks

  • JAPANESE VCV (Basic Japanese VCV voicebank.)
  • CHIBI (Japanese VCV with an almost child like tone.)
  • ENGLISH VCCV (English VCCV voicebank using Cz's reclist.)
  • JAPANESE CVVC (Japanase voicebank using CVVC recording method.)

Usage Clause

  • Please DO NOT claim as your own UTAU.
  • Please follow the UTAU ToS when using Bellini.
  • This voicebank is allowed to be used freely.
  • Please do not redistribute the voicebank.
  • Fan art is much appreciated and encouranged.
  • Have fun! :)

Some details seen here are based on existing information and usage experience. The details here may be subject to change without prior notice.