Supplemental Information

Eye color: Blue, with green circuit patterns.

Hair color: Green.

Headset: A blue visor, with a blue antenna on either side. The glass on the visor is green.

Outfit: A dark blue and purple shirt, with a green neck. Green gloves, worn under the shirt, which has fingerholes. Green and purple pants, and green and purple shoes. Their clothes has electrical patterns, with a picture of a headphone port on their shirt. 

Nationality/Race: Nationality unknown, human virus.


The flags to be used are: BRE0C10H10P90Y0. This will allow them to sound clear.

CV Japanese:

VIRUS Append:

Planned Banks:

MALWARE Append (Kind of like Power Append)

Bilingual (VCV Japanese and CV VC English. These will both be available separately and together.)

VCV Japanese

CV VC English

WORM Append (Kind of like Dark Append)

CLEANED Append (Kind of like Whisper Append)

Art by MollyTheCoolCat


- Their eyes are actually hexagon shape, which is why they wear a visor, which makes their eyes look normal.

- They are androgynous, and can be used as either gender.

- Bayonetta is a hardcore gamer, but thankfully, doesn't cheat in competitions.

- Bayonetta, despite being shy and lonely, is actually flirtatious, and can make the most tsundere person blush.

- Bayonetta was created in inspiration of his creator's laptop, which had a virus when he started recording notes, and fittingly made that was supposed to be a simple and androgynous character a virus.

- Bayonetta is part of the UTAU Freak-Nation group.

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