Bari (Barry) Tanner

(Japanese: タンナー・ベーリー (literal) - タノル ・バリ (alias) - Tanoru Bari)

Bari/Barry (ベーリー/バリ) - from "baritone" (Mirroring his sister's "alto" name, even though he's definitely not a baritone.)
Tanner/Tanoru (タンナー/タノル) - Tenor (words sound similar; same as his sister.)


A2-E5 (This is a guideline more than a definite range.) Type: Young adult, energetic male voice. Tenor.


Halt Tanner (older sister; same voice source)

Soledi Renje (like a sister)

Kory Stone (bro)

Bailey Tanner (genderbend)

AGE 23 GENRE Rock, Electronic? HOMEPAGE link
BIRTHDAY May 31 (day recording began) LIKES to be filled in later MEDIA LIST SOUNDCLOUD, YOUTUBE
RELEASE DATE not yet official DISLIKES as above SIGNATURE SONG none yet
PERSONALITY: ((His personality is meant to be taken loosely. Interpret and alter it as you need for songs, etc.)) A truly devil-may-care personality. Bari isn't as mature as his sister, and he's much louder. Secretly, he isn't terribly confident, but he hides it with bluster and an unflappable manner. He has a grin permanently fixed on his face and tends to do very foolish things on occasion. Unlucky with love, though partially because he can be come a bit obsessive when someone catches his eye, to the point of being considered yandere. In fact, he has absolutely terrible luck in general, being highly accident-prone (see: the side of his face he hides with his hair; he also burned off the hair on the other half of his head once, which is why it's so short). Typically pretty relaxed. Known to tease.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Lavender and needs diagrams. It's very short at the top-back left (his left) of his head, and gets longer as it outwards.
Headgear: None.
Eye color: His left is dark blue; the right (under his hair) is white and blind due to an accident when he was younger. There are also scars around that eye.
Earphones: Doesn't like them because they bother his piercings. Wears them if he must.
Dress: Colorful and asymmetrical; he takes after his sister.
Others: He has a lot of piercings.
Nationality/Race: American, likely midwestern.

His English name is pronounced "Barry".

Voice Configuration

Bari has a "CV" 1.0 voicebank with CV VC capabilities, including vowel-vowel transitions. It has five pitches--three normal (G3/C4/F4), one whisper, and one power.  Download it here

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