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Name Interpretation: None

Type: UTAUloid

Model: Unknown

Gender: Female

Voice Range: ?

Age: 18 (used to be 12)

Alternate Age: 15

Genre: Any


Related Character: Konami (younger sister), Akira, Jasmine, Kacey

Height: Unknown

Weight: Unknown

Character item: Doesn't have one yet

Creator: Tiana Koopa/TianaKoopa1

Voice Source: Tiana Koopa/TianaKoopa1
Ayano Cherry Blossoms

Ayano Cherry Blossoms

Birthday: November 26

Release date: November 26

Likes: Video games, singing, reading

Dislikes: Bugs, rude people, her sister annoying her

Personality: PLEASE NOTE-- Even though Ayano is given a personality, you are free to make one up.

Ayano is very shy, but also friendly. When she's not playing video games all day, she's either reading or singing. Ayano is sometimes afraid to sing infront of people.

If you like to roleplay, you are free to roleplay as any of my UTAUs

Supplemental Information:

Hair Color: Light blue

Eye Color: Dark blue

Dress: A pink dress with a white bow and white boots.

Headphones: None

Signature song:

Voice Configuration

Her Act0

Her Act1

Her Act 2


Her Chinese voicebank

Her Arpasing English


Whisper Append


-Her alternate age is 15, and her new age is 18, because someone said her voice was too deep for her age.

-Ayano is the very first UTAU I've created.

-My headcanon for Ayano and Konami are that they're orphans. I've never made any parents for them yet. Same for Miyuki and Takashi.

-Her favorite Vocaloid is Oliver

-She has a small crush on Oliver


Made by kristefur

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