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—"Then your love dies", Chapter 6. Оправдания.

Avier A (アビエール A) is a voicebank for the UTAU program.


Once he personally destroyed his personality, which at the moment translates into some problems when he is asked to tell about himself. He just doesn't know who is he at the moment. Well, Avier is also a rather reserved introvert, somewhat immoral, loving cruel jokes about suicide, in particular about his own. However, he himself has repeatedly argued that he is too weak to actually commit it. At the same time, one day he really tried, but was stopped by his alter ego. After that incident, he cannot remember the events that took place for about a week. Often he behaves like a complete idiot, because he believes that fools in this world live easier. When something does not go according to plan, it gets mad and breaks down at everything that comes to hand. Damn vulnerable and hates being told. He hates his real life and prefers to stay in the Shado as a "shadromancer", throwing off all his problems and the burden of responsibility on the shoulders of his Alter-ego. For the same reason, sometimes he can say strange things, and then quickly blur out "it's not me!" He loves his tulpa immensely, and has devoted his whole life to him, making Kairel's existence almost a cult for himself. Therefore, if you injure Kairel, you can get an angry Avier in your comments/PM. In addition, Avier is an inveterate swearing man, and swears unconsciously, even talking about some calm and harmless things. This worries his mother, but he does not pay any attention to it, saying that "this is not us, this is life."

Etymology details

  • Avier A: A - "first". Avier (アビエール) - a letter-play from creator's passport name.
  • AA1: - Avier's, A - active status, 1 - number of UTAU in line.
  • Viktor Insanibin: his name which he used before moving to Shado. Surname came from latin "insane ibin".

Character details

  • Description: He's relatively tall, with slightly awkward body proportions, which is why he can be called "lanky". Hair color - brown (burnt out), eye color - hazel. The skin color is quite pale, sometimes he compares himself to a flower that grew in a dark room and was left without chlorophyll. Acne, pimples and marks from these multiply on the face and body. In the "glitch" version, a scar that crosses the nose appears on the face, as well as three additional eyes (two between the normal eyes and eyebrows, and another smaller one located laterally diagonally next to the left set of eyes. The smaller eye is blind, and possibly dead). The physique is thin. Sometimes he warms his hands in the tops of his boots, and considers it normal. Favorite pose - any pose, if he's at home.
  • Outfit: In clothes, he prefers a worn-out faded baggy black coat with white sides along the bottom, collar and sleeves, as well as tight black trousers and high boots. Previously, he often wore a gray stole and a black shirt. In Shado he wears blue boots and a weird cape. Regardless of the world in which he's found, his constant subject is an amulet made of an aluminum fork.
  • Likes: electronic music, psychological films, sleep, work fast, KAIRELA, taste of synthetic strawberries, licorice, Chinese vocaloids, rain (if at home), glazed curds, doshirak, cornflower and blackberry ice-cream, eustomas, fish and memes about fish, snails, pickled octopuses and squids, semi-precious stones
  • Dislikes: pearl barley, himself, when he can't stop working, things that take a huge amount of time, complicated things, asking for help, interact with other people, rain (if outside), cleaning, when forced to do something that he does not like


  • Hatori Longshadow - A long time ago, Avier divided himself in two to make his life a little bit easier. But he was wrong, and Hatori was trapped in his mind for many years. When life became too complicated again, Avier returned to him and created a Shado story to explain unexplainable things...
  • Kaj Llingvam - The only child of Avier, the most dear to him man. Avier is literally ready to kill for him. Sometimes it seems that Avier is really obsessed with him and his desires, but in fact he just feels terribly guilty before him.
  • Abyss - If one split of personality was not sufficient, Avier has an Abyss that holds in itself a part of the memory about Wanda and his relationship with her. Abyss is something that should be left in the past, keeping in itself quite painful memories.
  • Nikolas Toraitengen - Object for stalking.
  • Maynajo Karjalainen - A friend from real life.
  • Misao Serai - His ward-dreamer in Shado, who sometimes makes Avier feel like someone needed.

Voicebank details

Voicebank Reclist Range Description DL
DUAU 1.0 Japanese CV D#1-E6 "Released on June 01, 2015. Was moved to Yellow." no DL
DUAU 1.2 English CV D#1-E6 "Released on June, 2015. Pretty hard in usage." MEGA
DUAU 1.4 (Awide) Japanese CV D#1-E6 "Released on July 22, 2015" comes in archieve with DUAU 2.3
DUAU 2.0 Japanese VCV 7mora D#1-E6 "Released on August 06, 2016. Was moved to Yellow." no DL
DUAU 2.3 Japanese VCV (2mora, 7mora)
Belarussian Additive
Chinese CV
D#1-E6 "Released on December 25, 2016. Contains unfinished belarussian additive and chinese CV." MEGA
DUAU 2.9 Japanese VCV 8mora D#1-E6 "Released on March 03, 2017. Contains 7 pitches, pitches used to slight moving into grohl vocal." MEGA
DUAU 3.3 English CZ's VCCV D#1-E6 "Released on January 30, 2018. Has some troubles with u- phonemes. Please, edit UST by the ear, when you use this voicebank." MEGA
DUAU 3.5 Russian Heiden.BZS's CVC2 D#1-E6 "Released on January 30, 2018. Recorded with "dead" reclist for Russian language. Requires presamp." MEGA
GLITCH Japanese VCV (8mora) D#1-E6 "Released on May 02, 2018. Kinda psycho-power append." MEGA
DUAU 3.6 Russian Heiden.BZS's CVC1 D#1-E6 "More fine version of russian voicebank." MEGA
DUAU 3.7 Russian Heiden.BZS's CVC1 D#1-E6 "Finest version, includes Abyss growl pitch." mediafire

Voice details

  • Input - romaji encoded and romaji+hiragana aliased
  • System - Microsoft Windows

Voice samples

Terms of Use

All the provisions below shall be applied to the voicebank:

  • R-18 Content Allowed? Permission Not Required
  • Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Permission Required
  • Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Permission Required
  • Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Yes, but derivatives must be created with permission
  • Click here to view the full terms of use for this UTAU.



  • B-day - October 27
  • He loves Kaj, but can allow himself some vulgar jokes in his address. Avier wears a thin ring on his right hand, given by Kaj, and for this reason wears a glove - he does not want to lose it.
  • Morality is present only when he needs to make a good impression of yourself.
  • He tend to live for today and not think about the future.
  • He considers himself an idiot, although many can prove otherwise.
  • His clothes in Shado sewn by Misao.
  • Abyss: He was a knight. Appearing in the Shado in the cycle of the Robin sun, and all he lived for was to be of use to the princess. And he found his princess in the person of the Evangeline's Credence - the consul of the Green part. For a long time he tried to get close to her, but to no avail. No one knows what happened to him, but during the Ice Sun cycle, he disappeared. He was found by Avier in the Blue Part cemetery, and when he sensed Avier's suicidal aura, he attacked him to obtain a new body. This attempt was doomed to failure - Avier was a dreamer. So, when Kairel found them and brought them to Hannah's Regret, Avier was revived as shadromancer and Abyss received a copy of his body and returned to the Green Consulate. Also, due to some of the memories he stole from Avier, he began to believe that he loved Evangeline all this time (Avier had a girlfriend in real life who looked like Evangeline).
  • Congrats you reached the bio
    He grew up in an ordinary family with his mother, father and sister. From the age of thirteen to fifteen, he quietly hates his family and considers himself an unnecessary link in it. In especially acute moments of hatred for the world, he began to talk with his Alter-ego, presenting him as a separate entity that would come, put her hands on his shoulders and listen to all his feverish delirium. Sometimes he really felt something like that, and after a case when he ventured to tell his mother about it, and she compared the appearance of Alter ego to her dead father, Avier got scared and stopped such practices.
    When he was about seventeen, Avier found the family diary kept by his mother and discovered the fact that he may have had an older brother. As a result, he became literally obsessed with the thought, which eventually resulted in scrolling the tulpa forums. At the age of eighteen, his practices were crowned with success, and Kairel appeared. Avier still needed support, which is why he made Kairel "mature" pretty quickly (which makes him still sometimes behave worse than a child). Avier tried to "fit" him into the real world as much as possible, and even created social media accounts for him. It was like a game of "talking to a brother who lives in another city." However, the game went too far, and at the university he was literally devoured by it. He was devoured so seriously that he was practically unable to continue his studies. And that was the time when the forgotten Alter-ego decided to make itself felt again.
    With the help of Alter Ego, Avier creates the Shado, where he appears as Ellen's ward dreamer. Alter seals Kairel's memory, after which he becomes unable to maintain his memory of the Shado in the real world, and vice versa. In the Shado, Ellen asks her brother (Kairel) to look after her ward, after which Avier commits suicide in the Shado, allegedly reincarnating as a shadromancer in order to stay forever with her dear brother. Avier was officially resurrected in the Shado by Hannah's Regret at the request of Kairel. Due to the locked memory of Kairel, no one in the Shado has the slightest idea why Avier has the ability to influence the state of the Shado: being deeply immersed in his thoughts, he can "glitch" the space around him and become really dangerous for others.