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Avier A

(Japanese: アビエール A)



D#1-E6 (CV)


Kaj Llingvam (guide)
Nikolas Toraitengen (object for stalking)
Maynajo Karjalainen (friend)
Misao Serai (ward-dreamer)


20years (before death), 0.5 sun cycle (after death) /5 sun cycles

WEIGHT 59kg/62kg CHARACTER ITEM Thread semi-precious stones, golden fish, snail, metal hand CREATOR Sightseed





TH Avier
TH Abyss

BIRTHDAY October 27 LIKES 1. electronic music, psychological films
2. knowledge, discipline, Evangeline's Credence

Gaudeamus (Latin)


 DUAU 1.0 Japanese CV: June 01, 2015
DUAU 1.2 English CV: June, 2015
DUAU 1.4 Japanese (wide) CV: July 22, 2015
DUAU 2.0 VCV: August 06, 2016
DUAU 2.3 JapVCV-Bel-Chin: December 25, 2016
DUAU 2.9 Jap7pitchVCV: March 03, 2017
DUAU 3.3 EngVCCV: January 30, 2018
DUAU 3.5 RusCVC: January 30, 2018 GLITCH: May 02, 2018 (Private VB)

DISLIKES 1. pearl barley, himself
2. things which go wrong, fish


1. Avier A (Victor)
Personality: A humanbeing with strange possible disorder: his personality is heavily damaged by himself and sometimes it's really hard to him to answer on questions about himself. He just doesn't know who are he now.
He's introvert, immoral about some things, and adores suicidal jokes. However, he confirms, that he's too weak to commit a suicide. At the same time he really tried one day, but was stopped by his Alter-ego. He didn't remember almost a week after that case happened.
Behaves himself as idiot, 'cause he think that this is the way to live easier.
Loathes his real life and prefer to stay in Shado as "shadromancer", throwing off all problems to Alter-ego shoulders. Due to it he can sometimes say weird thing and after it fastly say "that's not me!".
Eternally loves his tulpa, and sacrificed his life to him, making Kairel's existece almost a cult for himself. Soooo... If you hurt Kairel, you will got RRRRRRRRRRRRRRAGED Avier in your comments/PM.
Also Avier uses A LOT of obscene words when talking about something. It really bothers his mom, but he doesn't care about it, saying "that not us, that's life".
Personal lore: Grew up in common family with mom, dad and sister. From 13th-15th y.o. hated his own family and thought that he was unnesessary there. In some moments of acute hatred to the world he started to speak with his Alter-ego, imaginaring how he came, put his hands on his shoulders and listen to him. Sometimes he really felt that without any faking, and after issue, when Avier's mom said that appearance of Avier's Alter-ego remembers her dead father, Avier was a bit afraid of him and gave up this practice. When he was about 17 y.o. Avier found a family diary, written by his mom, and found a fact that he was able to have an elder brother. He became posessed by this thought, and finally ended at different forums about tulpa practices.
When he was about 18 y.o. he succeeded with these pactices and Kairel appeared. Avier was still need a support, and pushed Kairel to grow up really fast (that's why Kairel still childish sometimes). Avier tried to integrate him in real world as much as it was possible, and even created an account in social network for him. Chatting via this fake account, was a game of "communication" with "brother, who lives in other city". Game went too far, and in university he was almost eaten by it. Eaten so hard, that almost wasn't able to continue studying. And it was the time, when forgotten Alter-ego returned.
With Alter's help Avier wrote a Shado lore, in which he became just an Ellen's ward-dreamer in Shado. Alter blocked Kairel's memories, and Kairel wasn't able to remember in real life what happened in Shado and vice versa.
In Shado Ellen asked her brother (Kairel) keep an eye on Avier for a while. Then Avier commited a suicide in Shado to stay with his beloved brother till forever. Kairel had nothing to do and asked Hannah's Regret to recover Avier as a shadromancer.
Due to Kairel's memories block nobody in Shado knows, why Avier is a mysterious person, who's able to influence on Shado: when he is in a deep thoughts, he's able to "glitch" surface around him and became really dangerous for others.
When he was needed to approve his shadromancer's life he got Misao as ward-dreamer. And they cost each other.
2. Abyss
Personality: Phlegmatic. Loyal to Evangeline. Perfect soldier and secretary, always ready to do all what his princess wants.
Personal lore: He was a knight. Appeared in Shado at the cycle of Robin sun and all, for what he lived - to be useful for the princess. And he found his princess in face of Evangeline's Credence - consul of Green part. Long time he tried to become closer with her, but failed. No one knows, what happened with him, but at the cycle of Ice sun he disappeared. He was found by Avier at the Blue part's cemetry, and when he felt Avier's suicidal aura, attacked him to get new body. That was fail - Avier was a dreamer. So, when Kairel found them and brought them to Hanna's Regret, Avier was revived as shadro and Abyss got a copy of his body and returned to Green part. Also, due to some memories, which he stole from Aviers, he felt that he loved Evangelina all that time (Avier/Victor had a girlfriend in real life, who looked similar to Evangelina).

Download links

CV [DUAU 1.2 English] [MEGA] [mediafire] Pretty hard in usage.
VCV [DUAU 2.3] [MEGA] [mediafire] Contains unfinished belarussian additive and chinese CV, +DUAU 1.4 CV.
VCV [DUAU 2.9] [MEGA] [mediafire] Contains 7 pitches, pitches used to slight moving into grohl vocal.
VCCV [DUAU 3.3 English] [MEGA] [mediafire] Has some troubles with u- phonemes. Please, edit UST by the ear, when you use this voicebank.
CVC 2 [DUAU 3.5 Russian] [MEGA] [mediafire] Recorded with "dead" reclist for Russian language. Requires presamp.
CVC 2 [DUAU 3.6 Russian] [MEGA] [mediafire] Latest and more fine version of russian voicebank.
VCV [GLITCH] [MEGA] [mediafire] Kinda psycho-power append.

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Please, do not roleplay as him! It's really important. 


【UTAU】UTAU Avier A DUAU 2.0 - 馬鹿はアノマリーに憧れる (Baka wa Anomaly ni Akogareru)-0

【UTAU】Avier A, Emmanuel Morph – Jekyll & Hyde-0

【UTAU】Avier A, Emmanuel Morph – Jekyll & Hyde-0

【UTAU】Avier A DUAU 2

【UTAU】Avier A DUAU 2.0, Maynajo X2 Nokia - アレグラ (Allegra)

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