(japanese: アライチ - auriety)
name meaning:
deriving from the Latin root "au-" meaning gold or brilliance.
type: UTAU
gender female catgirl voice range B2-F5 related characters none
age N/A genre(s) electronic, rock, ballads, dream pop webpage
weight 130 lbs. item(s) microphones, large bows, heart lollipops, golden bells and jewelry creator tayla, aka luminescent
height 5'2" ft (159.5 cm) /
B: 28.74 in (73 cm)
W: 21.25 in (54 cm)
H: 34.64 in (88 cm)
VOICE SOURCE tayla, aka luminescent reference deviantart
birthday April 1, 1994 (following human age) likes chocolate, caramels, strawberries, ambient music, bubbles, pink things, other cats songs soundcloud
release TBA dislikes people that are serious, loud noises, interacting with strangers, most humans pictures toyhouse
personality: auriety is very headstrong around those she is comfortable with. with strangers, however, she is shy, reserved, and polite. she is very used to getting her way and pouts when she doesn't. she sings softly to herself when alone. while she has a very strong voice and an especially strong lower range, she prefers to sing softly and sweetly. she can usually be seen wearing a dress and sneakers with a bell on her collar. she's taken care of by her boyfriend and is rarely seen away from his side. when she sings, her anxiety about strangers seems to fade away and she feels confident.

supplemental information

hair color: dark maroon
headgear: a maid-style bonnet that ties around her head with a red bow on top and two small golden bells on each side. she has two dark brown cat-ears.
eye color: dark maroon
dress: a simple brown form-fitting dress with red accents and 3 bright pink hearts. she also has brown stockings and red/white sneakers. in addition, she wears a collar featuring a bow and a small golden bell.
nationality/race: catgirl of japanese nationality.


voice configuration

auriety is designed for the japanese language. she has the english consonants v, th, rr, and l to help with singing in english. her voice files are in romaji and she has both kana/romaji aliases. she has two pitches. the lower pitch is strong and suited for the lower notes down to B2. the upper pitch is falsetto, very airy and light which is suited for into the 5th and 6th octaves. she automatically switches into falsetto at A4.

voicebank download

download here.

usage regarding both voice and character

  • credit doesn't have to be given for using the voice/character, but it is appreciated.
  • do not claim the voice/character as your own.
  • can be used for R/18 works without permission.
  • derivatives must be made with permission and credit.
  • there are no limitations on what her voice/character design can be used for, with the exception of hate speech or defamatory works.
  • voice/character can be used for commerical usage without permission.
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