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- The name Audrey literaly translates to Noble Strength refering to her heroish nature.

-The rest of the name was made up by the creator.


Megan Shinaichi (enemy)

Harley Poole (good friend)

DRAGON (hates)

Rima Kamin (friend)

Annie Shinaichi(picks on)

AGE 16 GENRE anything you want HOMEPAGE Audrey's youtube
WEIGHT unknown CHARACTER ITEM cherry blossem branch CREATOR Audrey
HEIGHT 5'8" (173 cm) VOICE SOURCE Audrey PICTURE LINK LIST CONCEPT ART, アードレー キリウイヌ PIAPRO, アードレー キリウイヌ &s_mode=s_tag PIXIV, DEVIANT ART, アードレー キリウイヌ GOOGLE IMAGE, PHOTOBUCKET
BIRTHDAY August 26, 1994 LIKES helping, playing the hero, pirates, ninjas, robots, japanese culture MEDIA LIST アードレー キリウイヌ NICO NICO DOUGA, アードレー キリウイヌ %22 YOUTUBE
RELEASE DATE August 8, 2011 DISLIKES bad guys, people trying to rule the world, hiding, people hiding from her SIGNATURE SONG [ None]
PERSONALITY: Audrey is a very hyper girl who is very interested in the Japanese and England culture. To people who don't know her she can seem very standoffish and quiet but to others she is loud and not afraid to fight. She believes that she is the hero in everything and tries to beat down what she beleives are the villians. Audrey is a ninja, pirate, and robot and very proud of it. Also when people hide, even in a game of hide and seek, she thinks that their bad guys so she attacks them randomly.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: black
Headgear: none
Eye color: left eye blue and right eye purple
Earphones: none
Dress/Outfit: She has a white long sleeved shirt that is torn on the sleves and torso. At the top of it she has a kimono like opening that is sealed and closed off. She wears a black skirt that has a slit. She has knive holders on her legs and black shoes. She also has an 09 neclance that she wears.
Others: Her outfit is suppose to both represet a pirate and ninja. Audrey was made for the joke between the pirate vs. ninja war
Nationality/Race: American-Japanese

Voice Configuration

Please do not use Audrey's voice for commericial use. If you do please contact the creator and tell her.

Download voice bank here:

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