Armani-Chan(AR-Chan), Is a Voice Application used for the UTAU, UTSU, Candencii, Deepvocal, and UTAU-Synth Programs

There are several voicebank versions in which comprehend with the versions

Nabata - A CVVC Voicebank recorded in the japanese language. there are 5 Pitches, Bb2, D3, F3, Bb3, D4

DLVCV Normal - A VCV Voicebank in which consists of one single pitch, G4 is the Original Pitch, But More additional Pitches will be added(Not yet Released)

DLCVVC Normal - Recorded at Bb2, D3, F3, Bb3, D4, A4. uses a shorter List in which consists of the same list of '' The Same List used for Aiko or Balloon Girl

English - Recorded in numerical Filenames- 0.wav to 6-334.wav, Using Arpabet aliases for that reason

VCCV - Recorded in D4 Pitch, Single Pitch - Standalone

Deepvocal Voicebank - Work in Progress - Range- G#4. Currently being worked on as of now - Standalone Vocal. Note that a demo Track is Being planned for. Romaji Filenames. Single Pitched

LiteDLVCV - Lite DL Voicebank. Contains Phonemes and Hiragana and Breaths, Normal At D4, Can Be used with DLVCV. Not Yet Released Until summer 2020

Mics Used to record all of these voicebanks

  • Standard Logitech Usb Microphone

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