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(Japanese: アリウタノ - ありうたの - Ari Utano)
アリ (Ari; Melody)
ウタノ (Utano; Of Song)

Shinda Meiyo (Childhood Friend, Counterpart, Fellow member of Junai-chan's UTAU group.)
Nakasone Kuro (Fellow member of Junai-chan's UTAU group.)
Kazuki Shippai (Friend)

WEIGHT 111 lbs (50.35 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Root Beer CREATOR Junai-chan (YouTube)
HEIGHT 5'5" (165.1 cm) VOICE SOURCE Junai-chan PICTURE LINK LIST deviantART
BIRTHDAY February 14 LIKES Root Beer, being cuddled, the guitar, sweets/candy, the color black. MEDIA LIST YOUTUBE
RELEASE DATE February 18, 2014 DISLIKES Weebs, her original character, being ignored. SIGNATURE SONG NONE
PERSONALITY: A very sweet and caring girl, but also very loud and slightly obnoxious. She loves talking to people who she can get in debates with, just don't talk to her if you're a weeb. That won't end well for you. She usually has a positive outlook on things.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Black
Eye color: Red
Dress/Outfit: Look at the pictures
Nationality/Race: Japanese-American
Catchphrase: "Haha, weeb."




【UTAU Newcomer】Donut Hole 【Ari Utano】


【VOICEBANK RELEASE!】Demon Girlfriend 【Ari Utano】


【UTAUカバー】 Anti the EuphoriaHOLiC 【Ari Utano・Ushida Ryusei】

Voice Configuration

Ari is currently a CV voicebank. She is a Romaji encoded voicebank with Hiragana aliases.

Current Voicebanks

Ari Utano Act 1 - CV Voicebank - Download Here

Future Voicebanks

  • Ari Utano Act 2 - VCV Voicebank; Currently in Progress.
  • Ari Utano Appends (VCV) - Power, Sweet, Dark, and Warm.
  • Ari Utano English (CV VC)


UTAU Facts

  • Ari's personality is based off of the positive side of the creator's personality.
  • Ari was not supposed to be an UTAUloid, she is actually an OC that the creator made up for a fanfiction.
  • Ari was created out of sheer boredom.
  • She does not have any brothers or sisters.
  • Her favorite color is black.
  • Her favorite color combination is black and red.
  • She plays the piano and guitar.
  • She is depicted as being fun and energetic.
  • She does well in school. Her best subject is Social Studies. Her worst subject is Math.
  • She can get aggressive if either she or her friends are being made fun of.
  • Every time she goes to a restaurant, she asks for root beer.
  • She enjoys MMORPGs.
  • She has a twitter.
  • She prefers being called "Ari Utano" (the Westernized form of her name) instead of "Utano Ari" (the Eastern form of her name).
  • She does not have any nicknames.
  • The name Ari is actually of Italian descent.

Terms of Use

  • Do not claim Ari as your own.
  • Do not impersonate me, the creator.
  • Do not use Ari for anything offensive or illegal.
  • I will not hold responsibility if there is any trouble.
  • You do not need permission to use the voicebanks.
  • Please put the name of the UTAUloid if she is used in any of your videos/songs/art.
  • Do not use my UTAUloid for profit unless you have obtained permission from me prior to doing so.
  • Do not redistrubute Ari.
  • Do not redistribute a modified version of Ari.
  • Do not use my samples in the voicebanks for another UTAULOID's voicebank.
  • You MAY modify the oto.ini, but do not publicly distribute a modified oto.ini of the voicebank without my permission.

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