Ari Soyokazene Headshot
Ari Soyokazene

(Japanese: そよ風音アリ - そよかぜねあり - Ari Soyokazene)

NAME INTERPRETATION: そよ風音(Soyokazene; Breeze Sound) アリ(Ari; First Name) - Refers to the english word, "airy"- referring to his voice.


Songu Mugen (Friend, fellow Mugenloid) Miki Utsuku (Friend, fellow Mugenloid) Daisuke Izumi (Friend, fellow Mugenloid)

AGE 18 GENRE Indie, Ballad HOMEPAGE YT Channel
WEIGHT 108 lbs (48.9 kg) CHARACTER ITEM CREATOR MugenSongu (aka DiPi Mugen)
HEIGHT 5'2" feet (158 cm) VOICE SOURCE MugenSongu (aka DiPi Mugen) PICTURE LINK LIST Official Art by MewKwota
BIRTHDAY April 6 LIKES Peace, Love, Singing, Friends, Reading, Cooking, Yuzuki Yukari MEDIA LIST Release Video
RELEASE DATE April 6, 2012 DISLIKES Violence, Mean words and people SIGNATURE SONG
PERSONALITY: Ari is very quiet and loves to be with his friends (especially his best friend, Miki Utsuku). He is kind to everyone he meets, unless they are mean to him- then he just becomes reserved. He hates having to raise his voice and is always reading something. He may not look like it, but he's very ahtletic and loves to play football (soccer). He's also the romantic type of person, but the only evidence of this is all the romantic novels he reads.

Supplemental Information

Hair Color: Silver/Grey

Eye Color: Gold

Dress: (see concept art included in voicebank)

Nationality/Race: Presumably American

Voice Configuration

Ari has a CV viocebank made for Japanese. It is incoded in hiragana with romaji aliases. Please set your computer locale to japanese or use app locale before using his voicebank.

Download his voicebank, here: