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Arago Pipu

(Japanese:アラゴ ピプ - Arago Pipu)

Non western name is viewed as Pipu Arago


(Arago) - Comes from the name "Aragon"

(Pipu) - Comes from the nickname "Pip"

TYPE: UTAUloid/FURloid

MODEL: DH01 (Dragon Humanoid 01)


Male VOICE RANGE C2 to C5 (I can sing as fast as I want!)   But Sweet Append works best C4 and up. RELATED CHARACTERS

Idurisu Yone (Other half)


Aragi Pipa (Sister)


AGE  21 GENRE Pop, Techno and whatever else HOMEPAGE www.true-aragon.deviantart.com


145 Lbs CHARACTER ITEM Rice Crispies treat or my clipboard CREATOR True-aragon
HEIGHT 5' 11" VOICE SOURCE Stefan Steward (PIP) PICTURE LINK LIST www.true-aragon.deviantart.com
BIRTHDAY May 6th, 1990 LIKES Dragons, Drawing and Friends! MEDIA LIST www.youtube.com/user/aragopipu
RELEASE DATE April 23rd, 2012 DISLIKES Injustice, Meaness and CELERY SIGNATURE SONG Pipu Pipu Super Fever Night
PERSONALITY: Super Peppy, friendly and obsessed with dragons, Arago Pipu is an all around player. Being in touch with his softer side makes him more understanding but more sensetive also.

HAIR: Brown

HEADGEAR: Diamond Synth Headphones!

EYE COLOUR: Hazel Brown

MICROPHONE: Long and white

DRESSING STYLE: Stylish blue stripe down the middle and favourite colour tag on chest. Diamonds on pants and belt to match Idurisu's favourite colour.


The reason why the number on his arm (you can't see it because it's under his sleeve) DH01 is because he found the perfect dragon to sing with (Idurisu Yone). So they both ended up getting DH01 (Arago) and DH02 (Idurisu) tatooed on their arms.


Arago's shirt and Idurisu's shirts are inverse copies of each others. (Arago's being white with grey under and Idurisu vice versa)

Although Aragi Pipa is Arago's sister, Pip (voicer) voiced both Arago and Aragi. Kinda like how Rin and Len was both voice by a woman.

Originally, Arago and Idurisu's outfit were supposed to be completly matching but someone told me otherwise.

In any pictures of me, you'll probably see that I almost never wear my headgear.

Arago also has a dragon form! (uses the same voice) But when his dragon form is used, Arago is dropped and he's just called "Pipu".


To get Aragi Pipa, my sister all you have to do is type "g-20"in the rendering options! Arago's voice is perfect for almost any song out there! Good for Romaji and Hiragana VSQ's and UST's. Like i said before, i can sing C2 to C5!  

ARAGO PIPU: http://www.4shared.com/zip/E9MY0AOy/Arago_Pipu.html

ARAGO PIPU OTO V.2: http://www.4shared.com/zip/2juOBISN/Arago_Pipu__Oto_V2.html

(SWEET APPEND!): http://www.4shared.com/zip/ACxqG_bd/Arago_Sweet_Append.html

(GENTLE APPEND!): http://www.mediafire.com/download/7zc44blf5ncd3pb/Arago_Gentle.zip


The amazing "META" or "SONICTHEUNKNOWN" made an Arago Pipu model.

You can download him here!



Before Arago's Sweet Append was released, this was seen on youtube.


Before Arago's Gentle Append was released, this was seen on youtube.