Singing with a robot-like voice in a free software feels you with BRAVERY.
—Aquamarine (probably)

Aquamarine (アクアマリン) is a voicebank for the UTAU program. They are also a major character of "REFLET PROJECT". As a non-human gem lifeform, they are sexless. They are non-binary and use They/them.


Aquamarine is in the canon of R.Project's story the child of the Goddess of the Earth, Gaïa. They have a big brother name Cina (who's also a Utauloid).

Etymology details

  • Name: "Aquamarine" come from the name of the stone
  • Type: FRAloid (= Utauloid made by a francophone person)
  • Other: Their nicknames are "Marine" or sometimes "Aqua".

Character details

  • Description: Aquamarine is a humanoid gem-lifeform, inspired by the Gems in Houseki no Kuni. They don't have skin, but use a powder to create the illusion of it. They're 24 years old, 171 cm tall and weighs "as much as a humanoid aquamarine stone of 171 cm weighs". Their "tattoo" on their left arm is actually made by not applying powder on certain part of their arm.
  • Outfit: They wear black body and shorts. On the shorts there's golden patterns and Mages Kingdom emblem. They have also a aquamarine necklace and a white cloak. On their right hand they wear a fingerless glove with Shanha's eye on it.
  • Likes: Pranks, dancing, sports and the sunlight
  • Dislikes: Self-centered people, the night and darkness


  • Cina - Big brother
  • Gaïa (goddess) - Mother
  • Gaïa - adoptive little sister

Voicebank details

Nowadays, Aquamarine have two voicebanks :

  • Japanese CV - Non released, the only two persons who have this voicebank are LaZ (the creator) and SoraFan810 (Co-owner of the CV [ACT 1] version)

Aquamarine [CV] have a different design and story who belongs to SoraFan810. These two Aqua have the same voice provider but aren't the same character.

Terms of Use

All the provisions below shall be applied to the voicebank:

  • R-18 Content Allowed? Only for lyrics (like in "Gomenne Gomenne" by Kikuo for example)
  • Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Permission Required
  • Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Permission Required
  • Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Derivative characters are NOT allow (don't edit the VB please)
  • Terms of use? Click here ... (Work in progress)



  • Their most prominent quality as well as their soul type is bravery.
  • Their favorite colors are gold and turquoise.
  • Mohs scale hardness : 7.5 to 8
  • If they broke, we can put them back together, so they are technically immortal.
  • They don't age up.
  • Their mother tongue is english, they learned sélénite (japanese) later for the sake of singing. They're not supposed to know french either.


Contact LaZ :

On Twitter : @LunarCircus

On Youtube : LaZ

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