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(Japanese: 変ワリ音 青色 - かわりね あおいろ - Kawarine Aoiro)

ALIAS: Azure Cobalt - (Chosen name. She's not a fan of her real first name, so she rarely uses her real name.)
(Kawarine; changing sound, can also be read as 'alteration sound' or 'strangeness sound' ) - reference to the fact that the Doublecross can shift forms.

(Aoiro; blue color)

TYPE: Doublecross - (Doublecross are UTAU created by Asteriski.)
MODEL: X1 - (Doublecross are marked by the number of sections their hair is in. Azure has 1 ponytail, so she is X1.)

Akai Kawarine (best friend, fellow Doublecross)

Eien Seiiki (friend)

AGE somewhere between 13 and 16 (Never actually stated.) GENRE virtually any with proper handling HOMEPAGE NONE
WEIGHT Unknown. (She's one of those people that won't tell.) CHARACTER ITEM bowling ball or glue gun (Usually shown as bowling ball.) CREATOR Asteriski
HEIGHT 5'4" feet (162.6 cm) VOICE SOURCE Asteriski PICTURE LINK LIST




BIRTHDAY May 6, ??? (Same month/day as creator.) LIKES singing, drawing, dancing(badly), hanging with the Doublecross, Touhou Project music, Do As Infinity MEDIA LIST NICO NICO DOUGA, YouTube
RELEASE DATE August 29, 2010 (The day her first demo song was released.) DISLIKES being nagged, lack of logic, people that don't understand boundaries, idiots, high-pitched voices SIGNATURE SONG Skyscraper (No current version, please wait)
PERSONALITY: While she can be fun and energetic in specific circumstances, she's the one who keeps her fellow Doublecross focused on the song. Most serious of the Doublecross. Considered a Defrosting Ice Queen type, due to her default attitude of "this isn't/you aren't worth my time", but it IS possible to 'defrost' her. (This appears to be the only reason she has friends at all.) Panromantic asexual. Other than this, the author refuses to define anything.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Blue
Headgear: Silver and black aviator goggles attached to headset
Eye color: Blue
Earphones: Black with blue illuminated asterisk, microphone on right side
Dress: Complicated to describe; see Concept Art.
Nationality/Race: American/ "Biodroid"(Android with semi-functioning human organ replicas, can run on food or electricity)


  • Ochido Kousokune(Cerulean Versus): Failed version.
  • Aoito Kawarine(Navy Cobalt): Genderbent, anywhere from g+10 to g+25.
  • Cat version(AKA Nekozu/Azun/whatever else you can think of): Append DESU at g-15.

Other: Working on fixing the links to the side, I apologize for the inconvenience.

Voice Configuration

Designed to sing in Japanese, but has a few extra syllables. (It's not enough to allow her to speak anything else.) Her voicebank is in romaji with hiragana aliases.

Some details are based on existing information and usage experience. The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice.

v2.1 here

Append DESU here

Alter GLOW here

VCV has been attempted and failed miserably each time. The next bank will likely be CVVC or Rentan.

A note on resamplers:

-For Resampler.exe, the default flags are written in the Read Me file.

-For Fresamp, add F-6g-6 to that string.

-Other resamplers do not function with the current bank.

Terms Of Usage

-No overt swearing. Once or twice in a song is fine, and hell is not considered a swear.

-Nothing overly sexual. Ship her with whoever you'd like, but as an ace, Azure would not participate in such acts. Not to mention that she was built without reproductive organs.

-No specific religious statements. Well known carols and chants of all religions are exempt, along with folk music and stories. Songs in conlangs are okay too.

-Do not claim her as yours.

-Ask pemission before using her voice to create a Fanmade UTAUloid.

The author can be contacted at her deviantArt page , her YouTube , or Twitter and responds to all questions.

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