Additional information

Hair color: White/silver bright (originally she has it pale blue)

Earphones: Headphones black with blue illumination

Eye color: Sky Blue.

Dress/Outfit: Shirt in grey sleeveless, black skirt with blue edges, black boots with blue edges andsleeves a little long black with blue edges.

Nationality/Race: Mexican/Japanese.

Favorite phrase:

  • "Kyoumi o motteinai mo watashi wa ki ni".(興味を持っていないも私は  / still isn'tinterested in my mind).
  • "Anata wa baka desu!." (あなたはばかです! / you're an idiot!)
  • "Anata ga nani mo watashi o nayama sete iru node wanaku suru koto ga juuyoudearu ka."(あなたが何も私を悩ませているのではなくすることが重要であるか / don't have anything more important to do instead of bothering me?)
  • "Sore wa totemo kawaii desu!." (それはとてもかわいいです! / that's so cute!)
  • "Watashi watashi wa shitai no ikari to takai koe de ko noto o utau!." (私私はしたいの怒りと高い声で高ノートを歌う! / I like to sing high notes with rage and the high voice!)
Fact: It is giving out in a competition for what will be the new design and name for Ao, to retain the name of it. Click here to find out more about the contest

Voice configuration

She can only sing in Japanese. The voicebank configured in Romaji and Hiragana.

Latest voicebanks:

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